Ugly Fish

Well, I’ve decided to blog, so I’ve gotten my hands dirty with Movable Type and I’ve created something I call “Blog.” Clever, no? Indeed the creative juices are flowing tonight. My jeans are positively soaked to the knee.

Steph and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium last Monday, and it was there that we saw the oddest fish we’ve ever seen in our lives. I say that with the understanding that those fish known as “deep sea fish” are excluded from that opinion since no fish could rightly compete with the deep sea Angler or the Vampire squid, but this fish was still quite odd. It’s called an Ocean Sunfish (or Mola Mola), and it’s ugly. Make no bones about it, this thing was beaten within an inch of it’s life by the unkind Ugly Oar. Parents pray their children wont look anything like the Ocean Sunfish, and rejoice when they don’t. But how could they? Take a gander at this thing! Wow. “Crime against nature” comes to mind. But I don’t feel bad insulting it, because I’m pretty sure none of them will ever read my blog. Or if they do, we’ve got bigger problems.

8 thoughts on “Ugly Fish

  1. Moveable type is definitly pretty. I might have to use it instead of iBlog. Either that or I will have to hack iBlog’s templates which may or may not be against the EULA.

    ps- That fish definitly fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  2. ugly! Her majesty deserves more credit than this-this creature is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! next to the fab sea slug (nudibranchia) check her out! well just imagine a baby mola it f-ing makes my oxatocin surge!! there are plenty of other uglies out there to pick on try humans! mola is queen of the sea and don’t you fellas forget it.

  3. Just imagine what the Jaws films would be like if it was one of those beasties instead of a great white… LMAO… 8-}
    I mean, it looks like a befinned peanut…

  4. just last saturday our fishermen in our town just got a mola-mola… they dont know what is the name of the strange fish they caught and when i surf the net… i found a pic that looks like the fish i saw… they ate the fish..

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