Rock Around the Clock

I found a nifty little program called phptunest that lets you run a PHP script to turn the XML file in your iTunes library into a webpage. Here’s mine. I’ve got it organized by Play Count, so the artists I listen to the most are at the top of the list, and as you scroll down they become less and less listened to. There are a few artists that I actually have listened to, but show a zero because I listened to them on another computer. There are also a few cases where I just loaded a CD in recently and haven’t listened to much of it yet, so it’s at the bottom with zero plays even though it might be really good.

One thing I’ve noticed about people and MP3 playlists is that guys are usually really proud of how many songs they’ve got in their playlist. Two thousand. Five thousand. Twenty thousand. I only have just over eleven-hundred, and frankly that’s fine by me. As you can see from the stat at the top of the page, I’m just barely fitting inside my original 5 GB iPod right now with all that music, so I suppose I would be too cramped to add much more until I can afford to get a bigger one.

Does anyone like the same artists I do? I highly recommend everyone at the top there. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Rock Around the Clock

  1. Ah, so much U2. Though the most played U2 songs are an interesting set. I will refer you to a recent post on my blog that listed the “Best U2 Ever” CDs Abby and I made.

    And who is this Mission Control that you listen to? I might have to pick up that CD. Any idea where I can get a copy? 😉

  2. What you say we have three day, three hour, thirteen minute, and fifty-three second marathon ‘o’ music? You could have your own radio station. Your advertisement station jingle could be something like, “WJGL! Two Hundred and seventy thousand, eight hundred and thirty-three seconds of continuous unknown music! Double-you-jay-gee-eeeeell!” You could have all that close harmony and stuff at the end. That would be pretty cool. Yeah.

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