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The preliminary reports I’m hearing suggest that the new audio blog format is more portable across platforms than the first one I tried, but I’m still getting results in from people who actually have access to Windows. If you can’t hear my blogs, the best things to do are, 1) Try a different browser, and 2) download QuickTime. It’s free, it’s a one-time download and it’ll provide you with tons of internet content besides this blog. You won’t be sorry!

Link #1: Screen It : Charlie’s Angel’s
Link #2: ReAL Thoughts by Kevin Hendricks

3 thoughts on “Charlie’s iTunes

  1. Actually Josh, the iTunes Music Store has been out for over two months now; I think Steve said 8 weeks during his WWDC keynote.

    I agree with your comments though. I’ve been listening to (and occasionally buying) a wide range of music as well. In particular I’ve bought some David Gray and Norah Jones. As for the amount of tunes I’ve limited my self (still buying real CDs at the same time) at as of right now stand at 26 tracks.

  2. Actually, I realized that it had been two months after I recorded. But that’s the fun thing about doing an audio blog: if you say something stupid it’s kinda hard to go back and fix the mistake and still capture the spirit of what was said. So now you get to see how senile I really am. 🙂

    Besides that… 26 songs?!? How do you do it? Steph and I have bought over 200. Of course, I haven’t bought a real CD since the store came out.

  3. Charlie’s Angels: Haven’t seen it, don’t care to. But what’s really sad is the how the actresses in the movie think it’s an empowering movie. I heard Drew Barrymore wrote the screenplay (or maybe was just involved in the first one, I don’t remember), and in an interview she seemed to be proud of the way they were involved and not taken advantage of. Totally ludicrous.

    I-Tunes: OK, we all know I-Tunes is great. I wish we had it on PC’s. But I really wish they’d lower the price. 99 cents is cheap, but it’s not ridiculously cheap. If the songs were ridiculously cheap, I’d be tricked into buying that many more songs. 99 cents adds up pretty quickly. It feels more expensive (though of course it’s peanuts compared to a $14 CD) than say 25 cents or even 50 cents. If songs were cheaper, I think people would buy ten times more because it wouldn’t feel like it was adding up.
    (and where’s your link to the I-Tunes store?;-)

    ReAL Thoughts: Thanks for the plug. Though I have to admit that I rarely edit my thoughts. I usually just let it spew out and stop before I get too far off topic. 😉

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