Didn’t He Ramble

So I’ve learned a thing or two about audio blogging, but mainly this: it’s really boring to listen to. No, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be doing audio blogs anymore, but rather than doing them for no apparent reason (e.g. yesterday) I’ll do them where what I’m trying to say is actually enriched by the addition of audio. Brilliant, no?

Besides that, a friend of mine gave me a good idea. Next time I decide to use audio, I’m going to break up the content into topical sections so you can skip the subjects you’re not interested in (just like you can in text). I’ll also show how long each section is so you can gage just how much time you’ll need to spend to hear it. I figure that’ll all make it a lot more user friendly.

On a side-note, Steph and I saw Legally Blonde 2 tonight. Nothing amazing. Nothing earth-shattering. Not horrible but not quite as good as the first one either. Reese Witherspoon carries that movie on her back almost 100%. The other actors come off as somewhat-decent (Bob Newhart’s character for instance) or just passable (almost everyone else).

13 thoughts on “Didn’t He Ramble

  1. If you edit your audio into compact 1 minute segments, (think radio news segments) then that might keep the interest of the listening audience. Not that I have listened to your audio blog segments or evaluated them. But, what was the original purpose of blogs (and RSS XML feeds, etc)? Using a mostly text-based method allows portability of the content.

  2. To put it succinctly, I care not for the original purpose of the blog, as we have known it. The original purpose of the Graphical User Interface was to make Xerox’s copiers easier to use. We can see how that worked out for them.

    I’m expanding beyond what the blog was ever supposed to be, and I’m doing it with extreme negligence for my audience’s well-being! No man can stop me now!!! Portability-schmortability!

    Thanks for being a part of this cruel experiment!

    Seriously though, Ted, you raise an excellent point. The use of audio definitely does lose some of the cool things the blog originally had to offer. But to be honest I’m thinking of different purposes and different audiences and different content than most others do when they think “blog.” I want it to be a richer experience than text can provide. I haven’t reached that yet, but it’s a goal.

  3. Honey, I love you like I love no other. But, quite frankly, your audio blogs are a bit long winded and, shall I say, boring at times? But your writing is eloquent and clever. I say you use your so called audio blog just to add fun sound effects or a few short sentences here and there only when they enhance your WRITTEN blog. Plus, I can read faster than you talk…so…um…yeah.

  4. Your friend is very wise. 😉

    I’d suggest going with a mix of audio and text. It is fun to hear your voice, so don’t totally drop the audio. Do it every now and then.

  5. Like Kevin and you suggested, the occasional, short audio blog would probably be fun, if you wrote out a script ahead of time to make it punchy and fun to listen to, rather than a rambling sermon.

    Mpphf. No desire to see LB2- I figured it’d come out like you suggested.

  6. you see the worst movies. 🙂

    i hear “bend it like beckham” is good.

    if you’re up for a rental:
    – playing by heart
    – good will hunting
    – remember the titans
    – finding forrester
    – amelie
    – kissing jessica stein
    – memento
    – erin brokovich

  7. A scripted audio blog!? Ug. This isn’t a precisely timed commentary, it’s a stinkin’ blog. Free flowin’, unscripted hilarity! I’d love to see Josh try to stick to a script anyway. 😉

  8. Hey, you forget, I did numerous plays and musicals before coming to Bethel. I’m one of the best script followers I know! 🙂

    Tell ya what. If I feel like trying an audio blog sometime soon, I will. If not, I won’t. I might script it, I might not. The key indicator of success will be whether or not you can tell.

    Either way I’ll be more succinct, that’s for sure.

    Oh, and Paul, I’ve seen five of the eight rentals you listed. They’re pretty decent, most of them. But I agree, the movies I’ve seen lately basically stunk, or were at the very best unremarkable.

  9. Paul-
    I agree with your movie picks…um…except for Memento & Erin Brokovich. Not my opinion of good flicks (but I won’t go into that here). Although, they are both better than Legally Blonde 2 (which shouldn’t have been released to the public in the first place cuz it’s so crappy).

    Josh and I own Adaptation and love it. It’s so wacky crazy and out there. After I heard the first few lines I knew I was going to love it.

    My recent/fave movie picks are as follows:
    Nashville (best movie ever, in my opinion)
    Real Women Have Curves
    The Royal Tenenbaums
    Amelie (a must see)
    Billy Elliot
    High Fidelity
    Being John Malkovich
    Best in Show
    Spirited Away (again, a must see)
    Cowboy Bebop (The Movie)
    The Pianist
    and I really enjoyed both X-Men

    These are selected based on plot, writing, & cinematic reasons. And, I suppose for memory reasons as well, since these are the ones that popped into my head.

    It’s cool to see what movies people enjoyed. I do have to say that current movies are uninteresting. I do hope to get out to see Spellbound and L’Auberge Espagnole this week.

    Sorry this is long. I love to talk about movies.


  10. Wha? Steph not only saw Cowboy Bebop: the Movie (originally titled Knocking on Heaven’s Door- a much better, and apt title), but liked it? Cool- gotta love that cinematography, though.

    I have seen very few movies recently, despite my love of them, partially for a dearth of good ones, and also a lack of friends (or friends willing to spend money) to see them with. I hate watching alone.

    Meh, Adaptation has been one upped from me, what else can I recommend? I haven’t seen it personally, as I can’t seem to find it at video stores, but I’ve been told Equilibrium is a great movie. The plot and acting needed a bit of work, but it’s a sci-fi film with some interesting ideas, and supposedly has the most revolutionary and cool fight scenes (these people would know, btw) since The Matrix (heh, the first one).

    I’m probably going to try for one of the blockbusters this weekend, people are saying T3 is better than they thought it would be, and Johnny Depp is supposed to be zanily brilliant in Pirates of the Carribean (decent reviews, and better than any movie based on an amusement park ride deserves to be, according to Newsweek),

  11. Josh and I just saw Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday and I really enjoyed it. He compared it to The Princess Bride — where there is romance, drama, comedy, fight scenes, etc. all in one flick. It was a bit long, according to the critics, but I wasn’t bothered by it’s length. Johnny Depp is awesome in this one. His character is a riot. I think it’s impossible to leave this movie without at least a little crush on Johnny Depp though. Hee hee. I’d recommend it to anyone over the age of 13 who isn’t my mom.

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