Well well, lookee here! Surprising?!? I was so surprised by that article that I sat down and wrote this heartfelt letter:

Dear Associated Press,

You suck.

Josh Lewis

Surprise, everyone! Gamers aren’t hole-dwelling, life-hating misanthropes! Stop the presses! How could we have ever known without that wonderful study? Pardon my strong words here, people, but honestly, are gamers truly that misunderstood? Do we need studies to tell us that video gamers aren’t going to crawl in through our windows and attempt to drink our blood while we sleep? Obviously since I’m part of that demographic I’m a little touchier about it, but I’m surprised this issue came up in the first place.

5 thoughts on “Surprising?!?

  1. C’mon Josh, people get paid to research everything. The truly interesting find is that most of the students said gaming didn’t interupt with their studying or social lives. I’d like to know how they manage that. Apparently they’re much better at multi-tasking than I am.

    It’s a dramatic shift that people can spend so much time at leisure activities and not have to opt out of some part of the rest of their lives to make up for it. That’s worth noting, and that’s how you lay stereotypes to rest.

  2. “It’s not taking the place of studying; nor is it taking away from other activities,” says researcher Steve Jones

    Touché, Kevin. According to Steve Jones, gaming doesn’t take the place of studying or other activities. Perhaps gamers get an extra few hours on the time-space continuum than the rest of us.

    Oh, and the girl that said she’s sure that more girls would play games if characters were geared toward them…she’s in a dreamworld. The only girls I’ve ever known who were into gaming were doing it only to attract a guy. (I’m sad to say that this included myself as I attempted to show Josh what a cool girl I was by playing Quake at a charity event and losing miserably….)

  3. Dear Kevin and Steph,
    You suck. *ahem* Sorry, that was too funny to pass up. (you fragged for love? LOL) But seriously, we didn’t all know that gamers aren’t all pale recluses with no social lives like… *ahem* well didn’t we already know that people that play games aren’t like that? I’m not surprised that someone did this survey Kevin, I’m just annoyed at the title of the article: “Surprising Findings About Gamers.” CNN writer’s are notorious for stereotyping gamers, and this is only the most recent article saying this.

    I play a lot of games, but I also have friends, go out most nights, etc. So, I could spend my game time reading or writing more, but I still have a social life, get A’s in grad school, etc.

    And yes, a lot of girl’s play games, and not just to impress boyfriends. I’ve always disagreed with Steph on this, and I think it’s just her experience. One girl I know has a classic Nintendo and still plays it, another has quite a few computer games, and plays them a bunch (her roommates were cheering her on the other day), etc. Just another lesson in how wrong stereotypes can be.

  4. The article was par for the course from what I’ve heard from main stream media – it certainly jumps to some conclusions, potentially without enough of a sample set, and even then, we have all seen surveys that run counter to our personal observations. I personally don’t play games, mainly because I am interested in other things that have a tendency to keep me busy. I have enjoyed a few really nice games though, such as Solitare for Windows 3.1. I hope that whatever Microsoft does with Virtual PC, that they give me a way of running solitare.exe in Mac OS X in full 16 bit glory.

    Anyway, I digress. I mostly agree with Josh I think – the article is less than ideal and has a poor title. I find it interesting that Steph’s revelation that she played games because of Josh. I think that this only illustrates how far people are willing to adapt themselves for the ones that they truly love. 🙂

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