Bat Boy Fights in Iraq!

Tonight Steph and I went to see the musical Bat Boy, and it was hilarious. There were certainly themes and scenes which didn’t settle right with me (big surprise considering most media gets that tag) but overall it was a very fun production, and just ridiculous and strange enough to never lose my attention.

One of the interesting parts of the evening was facilitated by the fact that I bought the tickets very early after they went on sale, and I got them for a Tuesday night. Unfortunately I didn’t pay much attention to where the seats were, I just accepted what I got and thought they’d probably be good enough. It turns out they were really good. Well, actually, too good. I could have literally stretched out my arm and touched the face of the leading male at one point in the musical. Without having to lean forward very far. I swear I am not making this up. Granted, it helped that he was laying on the floor at the time (chewing on a plush bunny rabbit toy), but still. That counts!

Another thing that I liked about Bat Boy was the fact that there were more characters in the story than cast members (done very purposefully), so to add to the obvious humor of the musical cast members would change characters on stage during dialogue. So one cast member would simultaneously play one female character with a wig and a pink coat, one male character with a red shirt, and a male farmer with a cowboy hat. So the female in pink would be in a conversation, and someone would say, “Let’s ask farmer brown!” and look over and there would be a hat sitting on a box. Then the actor would look like they suddenly realized “Oh! That’s me!” and run over and throw off the wig and put the hat on and start talking. It was really funny. They didn’t do it so much that it was annoying, but just enough that you never knew when to expect it. It worked well.

Overall, I would give it an 88%, missing the mark of 100% for a couple offensive scenes and a slightly derogatory attitude towards Christians. But I’m saving that for another entry. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Bat Boy Fights in Iraq!

  1. We’re going to see Urinetown for our Anniversary (Steph is sooooooooo pumped). So…maybe then there will be another action-packed blog response from Josh. I wonder if there will be sexually offensive and derogatory to Christian scenes. Hmmmmmmm… Oh, wait, does any modern-day theater really exist that doesn’t contain those things? It seems to be a recipe for success.

  2. Mmmmph, yes. I’m really disappointed in how rarely Christians are portrayed accurately in lit and theater. They’re either shallow goody goodies, or evil hypocrites. If nothing else, I want to become a famous writer to redress this in an excellent way.

    Oh, and SNL is still popular, despite its decline into potty only humor, so you’re right there as well.

  3. Urinetown Rocks! It is a very well done musical and has a few Tony’s to boot. I was able to see it on Broadway over spring break. I wasn’t at all offended, although I was a little disappointed by the ending. Anyways, it is a good show that doesn’t take itself at all seriously. I think you two will really love it!

  4. Seats were too good, huh? I know what that’s like. I got kicked in the back of the head by one of the cats in “Cats.”

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