So Sad

This is just sad.

How exactly is it that Apple has failed to convert Windows users even when Windows is that bad? Admittedly it isn’t that bad for everyone, but obviously it’s that bad for some people or those numbers wouldn’t be coming in. So, what’s the deal? Leave your opinion in the Peanut Gallery.

Note to Windows-haters: there is a better alternative.

2 thoughts on “So Sad

  1. One, people go with what they know. Windows based comps are everywhere. 2, they’re usually cheaper. 3, there are a lot more companies who sell them (gateway, compaq, dell) for cheap. 4, gamers (those heavily and lightly involved), a huge comp user group know Windows based has all the games, whereas Macs have very few. All of the above make Windows based the powerhouse it is.

    I’ve told you and many others, if Macs had the same range of games (which is what I use my comp for 60% of the time), I’d switch over as they’re better and more stable. Many other gamers I know state the same.

    Like I said to you before Josh, since no 3rd party co’s will develop for Apple, Jobs should get a clue and start it in house. It’ll catch on.

  2. 1. Gamers. Which is why I easily transferred over to the Mac. I hate games. (Although I would give my right pinkie for The Sims Online).

    2. People suck. My entire school has free copies of Jaguar sitting on a shelf that we can’t install because everyone is afraid of having to learn a new OS. As if it’s that complicated. So, basically, people refuse to change. These people teach their kids how to use PC’s and then their kids refuse to change.

    3. Games.

    4. Money. Macs are more expensive.

    5. Games.

    6. Lack of knowledge. People still use the words “prehistoric” and “stone age” and “dark side” when I tell them I use a Mac. People are uninformed. And, when they are informed, they refuse to change because they suck.

    7. This relates to #6…but there are still lots of people who believe that Apple is going to go out of business (any day now) and they don’t want to be left with a machine that is not being developed for.

    8. Games

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