Unstoppable Shaking

I’ve been quivering in my seat ever since I saw the post-it note stuck to Strong Bad’s monitor this week. Then I clicked the word “CD” and almost fell out of my chair.

Please, oh Brothers Chaps, makers of Home Star Runner et all, speed the production of such a project so that I might lay down my hard-earned cash to purchase such a musical venture.

I’m going to be the #1 listener of that CD on Audioscrobbler. I can tell you that right now.

PS> If you follow that link after one week from today, the post-it I mentioned will most likely not be there. But maybe you can find the CD somewhere in the HSR store!

One thought on “Unstoppable Shaking

  1. You can also click on the “-SB” on the post-it to get a clip of everyone’s favorite band Limozeen. Keep on Zeenin’!

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