Funny spam subject of the day: “In 60 seconds we’ll start shopping for you”

Oh no! I’ve only got 60 seconds to stop them!!! I must hurry!

I can just picture a group of people standing outside Target or something, empty bags at the ready, running shoes tightly laced, watching a giant stopwatch count down until I’ve missed the deadline to tell them not to shop for me. Maybe they would all shout, “Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Shop for Josh! Whooooo!” and go galloping into the store, quickly selecting items which might garner my favor.

Well, now I’m glad I didn’t tell them to stop! Hey, as long as I don’t have to pay for it.

That reminds me, there’s only four more shopping days until my 25th birthday, August 8th. Timely spam, at that.

2 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. Wha? I was so confused until you reminded me of the birthday thing. I was trying to imagine why people would shop for you, and why you would be thinking of them. That made it VERY random.

  2. It’s the spam subject, dude. I got a spam email, and the subject of the email started these thoughts. But other than the fact that the spam subject started it, I suppose it is quite random. Then again, spam is random, no?

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