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I changed a few things in the code for this blog so that it would hopefully display more correctly in Internet Explorer on Windows, and I also added a little “tag line” that randomly generates each time you load the blog. See it on the left there? Hopefully I’ll eventually have a few hundred of those. That should be fun.

Oh, by the way Windows users, I’d be very interested how close I’m actually getting on Windows to how it’s supposed to look. I know the “jeans” background doesn’t show, but I’d like to know what else is different. Post in the Peanut Gallery or email me, okay?

4 thoughts on “Blog upgrade

  1. I’m here in IE6/Windows and it looks alot better. Only thing I notice that’s different (besides PNG support which you already noted) is that IE is drawing dashes instead of dotts for your date underline on the home page.

  2. Here in IE5.5/Windows the text seems to be a little too big as the t of “Sat” in you calendar is cut off. Overall though it’s not too bad.

    If you really want a more exact font size across all browsers and OSes you could go to pixel sized fonts(my site uses these). The only drawback here is that IE/Windows *still* doesn’t know how to increase and decrease these fonts when the user asks for them bigger or smaller. IE on Mac however does this fine, and if you were curious, was the first browser to have the feature. These days every browser does, except IE/Windows. Ugh.

  3. Thanks Mike! I’m changing the jeans images to from PNGs to JPGs so more browsers can see them. It wasn’t just the lack of PNG support that broke it. IE for Windows doesn’t support the “background” tag in the “tr” tag. I was making the jeans a background and laying a transparent PNG over it, but I’ve flattened that all into a JPG now. Less elegant, and more widely compatible, just like Windows. :-/

  4. I see the jeans graphic on my explorer version. The only difference I can see is the afore-mentioned dotted lines and a different looking search button (not the cool Apple gray button, but boring text).

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