QotD – Who would you sound like?

I’ve apparently been missing a large chunk of the blog phenomenon by not picking up on this earlier. There are apparently folks who sit around and think up questions somewhere, and then daily post these questions to the web (thus Question of the Day, or QotD for short), and then other bloggers see these questions and post them on their blogs along with actual answers this time, and the cycle goes on and on percolating across all blogs in the universe until the unity of higher blog thought reaches an ultimate pinnacle of spiritual multidimensional existential… well, you get the idea.

I figured that I would defeat the point by making up my own questions. Jaunty!

QoTD: If you were a professional musician and had the ability to be musically super-awesome, what other artist(s) would your music most sound like?

This isn’t to imply that you would be unoriginal, but I think we can all tell that if we made music there would be strong influences from this, that, and the other thing. So who are they? Me? I’d be a mixture of Beck, Daft Punk, and sometimes Harrod and Funck. Oh, and Nintendo (somewhat like Freezepop–be sure to check out their song T DJ). Seriously. It would be wild stuff. I have no idea how I would get it to fit together.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that part of the point of QotD is that you respond in the Peanut Gallery. So go forth and fill mein database, freunde!

8 thoughts on “QotD – Who would you sound like?

  1. Cross between Joni Mitchel, Carole King, Natalie Merchant, & Mary Fahl. Poetic stuff sung by talented ladies. I’d love to have 10,000 Maniacs as my back up band though…they rule. Oh, and a stage show along the lines of U2’s creativity.

    Melodies along the lines of Paul McCartney

    Oh, and occasionally a twist of Squirrel Nut Zippers. And maybe a bit of flirtation with the musical stylings of Thievery Corporation and/or FatBoy Slim. Just to mix things up a bit.

    I might play my cello sometimes too.

    I can hear it now….

  2. Hmmm, are you asking what artists have had an influence or that I admire? I would like to play like Ben Folds but if musical influence plays a roll in my sound, it would be punk-ish sounding.

  3. It’s not really a question of admiration. I really admire U2 and I like their music, but my music wouldn’t sound much like theirs. I can just tell it wouldn’t. The music I’ve picked is music that I can imagine myself writing, assuming I was talented enough to do it. It’s music that fits who I am and my personality. Music that would probably influence my composing style. That’s all.

  4. The first time a friend played me *The Bends* I told him that if I was ever in a band, this is what I would sound like. That is probably still true, though I would want my sound to be genre-bending like Beck or G. Love.

  5. I like strong guitar rhythms and the genre of rock too much for me to not sound like that. I do like techno and groups with great sounds like Daft Punk and Moby, but I just wouldn’t sound like that.

    Because of that, I’d probably go for the quality of U2 (dunno if I’d go for that sound), but might make it more acoustic and laidback a la Harrod and Funk, etc.

  6. I would love to have a deep voice like Karen Carpenter’s low range with the control of someone like Kiri Te Kanawa. I would write deep lyrics that are understandable like Sally Kline OConnor. In my dreams (really) I write classical but I’d prefer to sing with a big band or be able to improvise some great jazz and “sell” the romantic stuff.

  7. Coming late on this topic, but here’s my ideal at the moment. If I could write lyrics like D.C. Berman of The Silver Jews, sing like Tom Waits, and play like The Gossip, well I would. Or maybe just be Stuart Murdoch–that would be nice too.

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