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  1. Hopefully their is a non-obvious meaning to “Dogde the Sausage”! Where did you come up with that? Is it a vegetarian band?

  2. Steph was getting something out of the fridge, and some sausages in a zip-lock baggie fell out towards her feet. So she dodged them, yelling, “Dodge the sausage!” Then she stood up and said, “Hey, that would be a cool band name.”

    There you have it.

  3. Oh yes, I can certainly visualize that. You guys should keep a record of band names you create(cuz there are quite a few) and then sell them and make lots of money. “Dogde the Sausage” might work for a funky and seasoned band that tours college towns, only uses independent labels, and whose lyics are a social commentary against a consumeristic America. Or perhaps it will be the translation of the next band out of Iceland!!!

  4. As a teacher who has taught junior highers, senior highers, and college students, I can pick up sickening innuendos in almost every phrase known to man.

    “Dodge the Sausage” is quite disturbing to me, and if you think I’m gross, you obviously haven’t taught in junior high. 😛

  5. yes, i think i’ll have to agree with neal. Sick innuendos. And being that i am finishing yet another day of teaching eighth graders, the comment eddie made concerning it being something “seasoned”…well, let’s just say I need to go home now. signing off with seasoned sausage on my mind….
    thanks a lot…

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