As already mentioned in Steph’s blog, American Splendor is really quite an awesome movie in our humble opinion, and you really ought to go see it if you like movies that are good. The characters are interesting. The way they do… stuff… is very interesting. It’s like a documentary, but also not at all like a documentary. All clear? This probably won’t clarify things at all.

Confused? All you need is this webpage right here. Just type in your zip code. Go ahead, I’ll wait. See how it shows you all the theaters anywhere near you that are showing the movie and when they’re showing it? That’s mighty useful information if you actually want to lay eyes on the flick. Plus, it’s one of those "independent" films, so depending on what kinds of theaters you have near you, it might even be a little cheaper to see.

If you don’t have it playing near you, let me know, and I’ll cry a tear in my sarsaparilla for you. Assuming moving your dwelling place to somewhere with better theaters isn’t an option, I’ll do y’all a favor and mention it when it comes out on DVD.

If you’ve seen it, make a comment in the Peanut Gallery (or even if you haven’t, I guess).

2 thoughts on “Splendorificous

  1. Oh…and a warning to everyone. Prepare yourselves ahead of time for the great possiblity that the “artsy” movie theater will contain a lot of liberal communist propaganda in the lobby. Burn your eyes if you have to. Wait…that might ruin the movie a bit. Um…just walk very quickly and speak to no one. Watch the movie. Then exit through the exit door and run immediately to your car. Wear a long trenchcoat. ’nuff said.

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