I Married an Anime Chick

Maybe it was watching the Cowboy Bebop movie that did it. I don’t know. All she needs now is a bigger gun. And she smells like Gonzo Grape Bubblicious! How much better could it get? Eat your heart out, Konoko. (Thanks Neal.) Check it out.

3 thoughts on “I Married an Anime Chick

  1. Your blog is missing all the stuff on the side all of a sudden. Just letting you know in case it wasn’t on purpose.

    LOL. I completely missed the obvious anime connection to all of this. Heck, I have the game Oni, http://oni.godgames.com/main.htm, and I didn’t see this. Put Steph in that TCTP uniform, and she’d be freakily similar. Not suggesting cosplay or anything, but it’s still fruity and cool.

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