I’ve had a head cold for about five days now. I think I gave it to Steph, too. Or possibly some smaller version of it. She’s not been feeling in tip-top shape lately either. So I’ve been sitting inside a lot lately, and sleeping (in bed and on the couch), and eating little chewable Vitamin C tablets. They’re tasty! These little babies have approximately 833% of my daily allowance of Vitamin C. It’s hard not to eat them like candy. I think yesterday I had over 2400% of my daily allowance of Vitamin C. Does that mean I’m going to turn orange or something? Only time will tell. *eats another tablet* Mmmmm… ‘C’…

All this downtime has given me the ability to think a bit about my website. If you’ve looked at the front page of this site lately or over time, you’ll gather that the promise of "coming soon" has been up there for just as long as this blog has been active. (Which, as you may know, is over 10.7 million seconds now.) I’ve got grander plans for this site, but I hadn’t put them into action at all until yesterday. Yesterday I really began creating content. I won’t tell you exactly what I did just yet, but that picture on the left may get you a tiny bit of the way there. The changes are probably going to take me another couple weeks to complete, but I think it’ll at least be a worthwhile experiment, and if I hear good things about it once it’s done, I’ll probably keep it. Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “2400%

  1. All I know is the “audio” and “video” links in your menu have been rather intriguing. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us.

    Question: At what point do you overdose on Vitamin C?

  2. I decided to save my own life, and I read the following article. You can too at the following address:


    Short answer: I took about 1500mg – 2000mg of Vitamin C at the most per day. Some people take over 10,000mg and they’re fine. But it is possible to overdose. It’s all relative to other stuff, depending on what else you’ve got in your system

    Long answer: Well, read the article. 🙂

    Signs of overdose are as follows:

    Diarrhea, abdominal cramps, high stomach acid, increased urination, insomnia, irritability, joint pains, osteoporosis, headaches, hypoglycemia, weakness, reduced estrogen, PMS, may increase infections by causing copper deficiency

    So that explains the PMS I’ve been having!

  3. As you may be soon finding out, when your body doesn’t need those yummy pills, it simply passes them through in a less than plesant way. So, try to keep the pill count below a bottle a day, for your sake and for those around you. Unless you want to VPN in and work from home for the next few days. 🙂

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