So this is what it feels like to come up for air! I admit, it’s been too long since I’ve blogged. Some nights have been busy. Some nights have been crazy. Some nights have been completely forgotten, since I can’t seem to account for the week that just passed. I do have a few short things to show you, though.

Steph and I have been getting involved with the Junior High youth group from our church, and we’re really enjoying it. On Saturday the 4th (Stephanie’s 25th birthday, by the way), Steph and I went along with the youth group to Great America, standing in as "responsible adults." I can’t believe they fell for it! We went on several rides, and took some pictures. Enjoy! Oh, Steph’s hair is her normal color once again. Sorry to disappoint anyone.

Secondly, today I whipped together a website template for the youth group since their current website says… well… nothing. The text is all in Latin (standard practice for filler text), so don’t expect to really get a ton out of reading it. Still, the current template gives a feel for what the site will be like when it’s done, while requiring you to use your imagination just a little bit. I’m probably going to do more work on the youth group’s site this week, but I’m hoping to also get work done on this site. We’ll see how successful I am, but I can tell you that the style employed in that template is very indicative of where I’m going stylistically, although the template is fairly sparse to expose an entire style.

11 thoughts on “Gasp!

  1. Personally, I’m frightened by two of the pictures. Psycho mouse is just terrifying, and the baby pic… what did you do with it you evil people?

  2. Gah! Forgot to mention that I don’t like the dashes around the text. You wanted them in there, but my personal taste says, no! Feel free to ignore if you wish.

  3. I agree. Dashes look goofy.

    Oh, and Josh failed to mention that we only got to go on four rides all day. That’s how long and inefficient the lines were. Josh and I think the park is failing to meet the needs of the public because it has a communist mentality.

  4. Fine! The line is solid now. Are you all happy?!? *sob*

    Actually, I don’t feel strongly either way. I just think solid is a little boring.

  5. Ah- just what I was thinking Jeff. A border shouldn’t distract, it should accentuate what is within, which the solid line does. Not that Josh was holding on to this dearly- you just voiced what I couldn’t put words to.

  6. Why is no one else asking why the standard practice is to use Latin for filler text? Josh, I did not know you even knew Latin! When did you learn or where do you copy it from?

  7. OK, it’s me again. I gather from the text that you pulled it from a site about Latin since it is talking about how the European languages are all very similar and only differ in grammar, and pronunciation but have very similar vocabulary. (Latin is really easy to read if you know English and a little of any other Latin based language.)

  8. My sister, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s give her a hand. 🙂

    I copied that text from some other site somewhere. It’s apparently very standard placeholder text when you’ve got nothing to say, but want to show that there will be text there. And it looks better than “blah blah blah” too.

    As far as I know, they use Latin rather than English (or whatever language the site’s readers would naturally speak) because almost no one speaks Latin, and when you’re designing and showing your design, you actually want the words to look like they’re not words. You want them to look like they’re not really saying anything, but give the idea that words will go there in the future.

    It’s distracting to see “Words will go here eventually. Blah blah blah. Words will go here eventually. Blah blah blah.” I’ve done that elsewhere, and it’s ugly. I’ve even put placeholder text up, and made it obvious that it was placeholder text, and had people criticize the placeholder text. “I don’t like that text. It’s too repetetive.” or “That text is nothing like what we’ll have up there. We want something different.” So the Latin is less distracting, and someone figured that out and started doing it, and everyone liked it.

    That’s what I’m assuming.

  9. An interesting thing about the text is that it is always the same text not just random latin words. Also it is so commonplace now that web development programs (Dreamweaver) put the text in by default into their templates.

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