SAP and Creativity

I was watching The Simpsons tonight (surprise!) and I was totally shocked by an ad that came on between the show and the rest of the commercials. It was one of those "sponsored by" ads that isn’t really an actual advertisement, but simply mentions that somebody paid for something. This one spoke of the SAP (or Secondary Audio Program), and the fact that The Simpsons was being simultaneously broadcast in Spanish. I’ve seen this done before, but it’s pretty nifty technology nonetheless. But the kicker was when the announcer said, "SAP broadcast in Spanish, brought to you by Bad Boys Bail Bonds!" I just about fell out of my chair. So the Bail Bonds people want to get a good reputation with the native Spanish speakers, huh? Man, what kind of signal does that send? You’d think Bad Boys would just do a regular commercial or something (their commercials suck, but that’s beyond the point), and let somebody like Downy Wrinkle Releaser do the SAP, but apparently they’re being a little more aggressive. Interesting.

Non sequitur. Pardon me.

I feel really uncreative today. It sucks. I’ve really had to force myself to get up and do stuff lately. I just want to sit on the couch and do nothing. Stuff that has become a regular part of my daily routine has become boring to me in the last week or so. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t post on this blog for the last week. I just couldn’t force myself to do it. Just posting on here is actually making me feel a little bit better, but it’s still disturbing when I think "Hey, it’s only 11 o’ clock. I’ve got plenty of time to do some more web design tonight, or play a game," and my brain (or something) immediately responds, "Nah. Just go to bed." That’s really not like me.

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