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I have a couple friends who just put blogs up that I hadn’t mentioned yet for some reason. They both contacted me and were curious as to how this whole blogging thing works, and I said I would set a blog up for them on my server. So I did. And now I will link you to them.

Neal (a very frequent commenter in the Peanut Gallery) has been blogging for about three weeks now, so if you haven’t seen his writing, go check it out. He has many insights that escape the minds of mere mortals. And he reviews a different movie every Thursday!

Eddie, another close buddy of mine who goes back with me all the way to 1993, has just begun blogging as well. He’s relatively new to the blogosphere, so let’s all encourage him to spread his wings and blog. If we’re lucky he’ll share some of his sonnets and other poems with us. He has a way with the verse.

I should take this opportunity to mention that I’m open to hosting more blogs than just these two. If you’re keen on blogging and haven’t taken the plunge, I see no reason you shouldn’t email me and express just such a thought. You’ll have a blog within hours, totally free of charge. For yay! (That offer assumes you actually know me. If you’re a total stranger, I’d have to think twice about it. No offense.)

5 thoughts on “Buddies’ Blogs

  1. Danke good sir. I’ll try to live up to that high praise. New post tonight, continuing my thoughts about friends.

  2. Thanks, Josh! For all of you who would like a snipit of my talent in verse (here you go):


    It’s a whole lot worse.

    * Inspired by a Mini-mall parking lot Carnie

  3. Way to spread the love Josh. It’s great to see nerds reaching out to other nerds to aide them along their evolution from “where’s the any key” to owning the entire think geek wardrobe.


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