Ready to Rock?

Of course I can neither confirm nor deny this. I just saw it on the web, and wanted to make sure you heard the rumor.

9 thoughts on “Ready to Rock?

  1. Oh, I am my friend, I am. Is this even a rumor? If Apple is releasing that kind of thing to the press, if it wasn’t about a Windows iTunes, that would seriously tick people off, I think.

    So, here’s my challenge to you, Apple man. Why should I go with iTunes, rather than one of the other services that article mentioned (ie- musicmatch, napster 2.0, etc). Put it in the comments, or in a new blog. Or, wait ’til you know all the details. Just let me know if you’re going to wait so I don’t call you a chicken.

  2. Frankly, I can’t tell you why you should only use iTunes because I haven’t used the other two services. I don’t own a Windows box.

    All I can tell you is that I’ve used a lot of applications in my time, and iTunes is my favorite application, ever. I’m using it now. I use it for hours every day, and it doesn’t let me down. Download it and see for yourself.

    (Okay, one-click purchasing is really cool. 🙂

  3. That was THE crappiest sales job. Ever. Even if you didn’t bother to look at the other two program’s sites, you could rattle off the strengths of the program, ease of downloading, etc. You’ve done it before with everything Apple, so do it when you don’t feel harried at work!

  4. What, am I here to amuse you?!? Am I some kind of sales puppet on a string?

    I happen to believe that iTunes itself does the best iTunes sales job, which is why I said that it should be downloaded. Give it a test run, and I won’t have to say anything. I think anyone who has an eye for quality and ease of use will find it to be a truly wonderful product.

    But, just to appease the masses, I will attempt to do another blog sometime in the near future extolling the virtues of iTunes. So there. 😉

  5. Meh. If you REALLY cared about Apple products, and thought I should by one, you shouldn’t even be questioning me! What kind of Mac enthusiast are you?

  6. I won’t comment on that last one.

    But I will chime in and say that the best thing I-Tunes has going for it is 99 cents a song. That’s it. No subscription fees, no surcharges, no extra hidden surprises. While I personally think 99 cents is a bit steep, and the fact that Apple makes less than 10 cents/song profit (record companies gobbling up the dough) is ridiculous, this is a simple, easy system. Most other services are more complicated and require a monetary commitment, regardless of how many songs you download.

  7. Finally…for once…my husband is excited about something Apple is (possibly) doing and doesn’t spend four hours pacing around, foaming at the mouth, arguing with friends, evangelizing the Mac, scouring rumor sites, etc.

    Then Neal has to go and edge him on. Why!?! Why can’t you just let my household live in peace for just one night!?!


    Oh…and I love iTunes. It is easy to use, fast, cheap, and well-designed. What more could you ask for??? Try it!

  8. See, all I was looking for was something like Kevin and Steph said. I’m not promoting disorder, I was astounded by Josh’s lack of anything to say on the subject. Flabbergasted, flim-flmmed, goggle-smacked. Indeed I was, so verily did I push.

    Considering I’ve only bought 4 CD’s in the past two years, I can afford a few 99 cent songs, if the service is good. Tks Kevin and all.

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