11 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Apple has some extremely heafty servers on this task, so I’m pretty sure no one will have to go elsewhere to get the thing. But I still think it’s cool that Jeff set that up. 🙂

  2. I-Tunes for Windows 2000 and XP? That’s it? What about Millenium Edition, the crappy not quite Windows 2000 edition that I’m stuck with? I even tried installing it anyway and it basically laughed at me and said nice try Windows ME boy, but you’re screwed!

    Oh well. I don’t have 99 cents to spend on music anyway.

  3. See, they knew you didn’t have 99 cents laying around so they said, “Hey, let’s not do the Windows ME thing.”

    Okay, maybe that’s not what really happened.

    That’s my least favorite thing about the iTunes Music Store on Windows. I had hoped it would go back to Windows 98 since so many people still use Windows 98. But apparently Windows 98, and probably ME, were just too weak to make it happen. My apologies Kevin.

    The good news, though, is that whether you (eventually) upgrade to a Mac or upgrade to another PC (but you did say Mac, didn’t you?) you’ll have iTunes. The best Windows app ever. 🙂

  4. Having a blatantly Mac application on Windows XP certainly does feel like “hell froze over.” Very weird stuff. Perhaps that’s why I’m having a hard tinkering with it and figuring out what it can do- I have conflicting expectations at work!

  5. After I told it where my mp3’s were at, I looked down to the bottom of the application window….
    1028 songs, 2.8 days, 3.63 GB
    At first I thought, “hmm that’s odd, i’ve only had this software for half and hour.” Then I realized that was the playing time of all my music. Somehow I’d never thought of it in those terms.

  6. I’ll be interested to know what you think of it after a few days, Jeremy! Be sure to check out “Smart Playlists” under the File menu.

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