I followed a link off my friend Tim’s blog just now to an online test that claims be able to estimate the date of your death by the answers you give to a few questions. Apparently I’m going to die on Christmas Day in 2059, and there’s a 33% chance it’ll be from cancer. The spooky thing about that is that many of my family members who have passed on died in December, and several were actually from cancer. Odd.

But that’s not what I’m writing about (although I want to know all your results in the Peanut Gallery). I’m writing because part of the test asked how many pushups I could do without stopping.


I’m such a wimp. Okay, so at number fifteen Henson ran under me and made me laugh, but I didn’t have it in me to go for sixteen, so I quit right then. Seriously, my arms still hurt. I have no upper-body strength whatsoever.

I want you all, right now, to get down on the floor and try this. Don’t do any girl pushups either. (Unless you’re a girl.) You’ve gotta start with straight arms, and feel the floor with the tip of your nose before you come back up. I don’t care if you’re in a library or whatever. Just do it. No one will stop you, because you won’t last that long. Plus, anyone who does pushups in public is probably too scary to approach. So do it! Let’s see how y’all do.

15 thoughts on “Pushups

  1. Whee. 30 pushups, and I feel out of shape (the 4 hours of sleep I had last night didn’t help either, I’m sure). I’m still trying to get back on my exercise routine again after that surgery I had last year threw me off of it until this past August.

    Used to be able to do 2 separate stretches of 50 apiece. Gah! I’ll try that survey later.

  2. A good solid 16 pushups. My arms are shaky now. I know, I’m a wimpy girl. Actually, 16 isn’t bad for a non-gymnast chick, right?

    Oh, and I’ll die April 6th, 2054 at the age of 75. (Looks like I croak before Josh). 29% chance of dying from cancer.

    Wouldn’t this be weird if it was accurate?

  3. I was in your shoes just a little while ago, Josh. It didn’t help that I was letting my weight increase without doing much to increase strength. However, after a few short weeks of intermittent practice, I increased from 15 to 40. I think now if I went to exhaustion I could get a good 45-50, but I don’t enjoy the whole exercise to exhaustion thing. It tends to make my arms and chest feel like jelly.

    If you’d like to increase your pushup power, I found this over at slashdot a while ago. (An odd link for slashdot)

  4. push-ups: cold, i did 44 just now.

    life expectancy: September 12, 2056
    at the age of 78 years old.

    I will most likely die of :
    Heart Attack (25%)
    Cancer (22%)
    Horrible Accident (12%)
    Drowning (7%)
    Alien Abduction (5%)

    My grandma had both heart problems and cancer. My aunt Patty died from cancer. Thus the high rates for cancer. Also, I don’t drink(specifically wine) so that probably figures into a sooner death rate. Go figure. But a twelve percent chance of dying in a horrible accident! That’s pretty high. I guess it’s the bungee-jumping-skydiving-mountian-biking-rock-climbing side to me that’s responsible for that.

  5. I didn’t even attempt the pushups. They say I’ll die on November 28, 2058. Mine was a tie – Horrible Death or Cancer. I’ll be 80 years old.

  6. Whee, so I get to die in 2058 at the age of 79. I think I’d rather burn out like a Romantic Poet myself. 79 is too long to wait for heaven.

    Unsurprisingly, the survey grasped ahold of cancer, as I marked that section yes for family history. Given that it’s only been one of my grandfathers, I rather doubt it.

    Heh, I love the preference this survey gives to certain people who are ‘experienced.’ Supposedly I have a 5% chance of dying of loneliness. More interesting is the fact that I have a 6% chance of dying from a gunshot wound, or alien abduction. ‘Ware checking off the I sometimes walk late at night section.

  7. Scheduled to be terminated 2048, at age 70. Cancer.

    B.S. I either die when I’m about 50, from heart complications / brain anuerism (Dad’s side). Or I live to be about 90 (Mom’s side), and die from some various complication. Either way it’s my sin that kills me, and it’s all genetic.

    Oh, and most pushups done in one set, 106.

  8. dude,
    About 3 months ago i watched the movie Conair with Nicolas Cage and was like “wouldnt it be cool to be a tank” so i got down and did like 20 pushups at the most. i dont quite remember. Although i always thought i was strong i thought that 20 pushups kinda sucked so i stuck with doing reps before going to bed and just the other day i did 3 sets, first one of 70, then 50, and lastly 40 and i felt fine. So stick with doing em if ya wanna be a tank!

  9. Well I can do 130 pushups nonstop. I used to be able to do only 55 or so. But then within one day I increased it to 75, and it kept rising after that. Within a day or two I can increase by 20 or even 40 pushups. And I just turned sixteen. It also says that I’ll die when I’m 80, June 26th from, most likely, heart disease…which doesn’t make sense since the answers I chose would counter act heart disease. And I said that I had alcoholisn in my family, yet alcoholism was one of the lowest.

  10. I could do 73 normal pushups, 51 diamond pushups (putting your hands together instead of shoulder width),and 32 superwide pushups (no joke)

  11. Hey, I’m planning on joining my school’s ROTC and I gotta whip myself into shape. Right now, I can do about 30 pushups, but I really want to double that within the next couple of months. Can it be done? If so, how?

  12. Heck, I’m no fitness expert. Ask someone who teaches Health or Gym or some other such thing. Or actually go to a real gym and talk to a fitness expert! They would totally love to answer that question.

    Still, I can’t imagine that simply doing pushups day after day wouldn’t increase your abilities quickly. I mean, don’t go too hard or you could hurt yourself, but do a set or two every day and you’ll definitely get better.

    http://www.life-n-leisure.com/exerpgs/pushups2.html was linked to a few comments above here, and it has some interesting exercise ideas.

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