I’ve had the extreme pleasure recently of communicating with many close friends. Last week I had phone conversations that were each over an hour long with three different friends (one in Colorado and two in Minnesota) on three different nights. Crazy! But frankly, I love that stuff. Keeping up with buddies is always a very good thing, so, hey, if you haven’t called, now’s a fine time. And no, I’m not posting my number on the Net. Email me.

Anyhow (Segue!), not all the recent conversations I’ve had with old buddies have been via phone. It’s a little-known fact that Neal and I chat probably every other night on AIM if we’re both around. It’s good stuff.

I ran into another friend of mine a couple nights ago on AIM. A man by the name of Aaron Hintgen. Many of you don’t know him since he didn’t go to Bethel (though he was there often times). He worked alongside me for Apple both as a Campus Rep and as a sales guy at the Apple Store in the Mall of America. It had been months since I had talked with him, and many more months since I had seen him (I honestly don’t know how long it has been) and he just popped up on AIM asking how I’ve been. So we chatted. And for a little while I felt like I hadn’t missed out on as much as I really have. You know, that “in the loop” feeling. The illusion of closeness chatting can sometimes create is wonderful one. 🙂

Oh, he’s in a band called Rocket Science. And they just put up a website with downloadable samples of their music. (Check out Drain Pipe. Children of the 80s will love it.) And they’ll be at the Nav Talent Show at the Coffman Memorial Union October 30th for those of you who can figure out where the Coffman Memorial Union is. So now you know, and knowing is half the something.

Break a leg, Aaron!

3 thoughts on “Indie!

  1. Dude, I know Aaron. He’s a sweet cat. I must admit, I also know him from the infamous MOA Apple Store scene but once I knew to look for his boyish good charms and mop-like, yet very boisterous, hair-do I saw him around bethel on a semi-frequent ocassion. Good to hear that he’s rockin’ the Coffman so to speak. Gogo Aaron.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout, bro!
    And you all should order the album. Seriously. Same price per song as the iTunes music store, but you get an actual CD, cover art, shrinkwrap, and so on.
    The show tonight went well. Well, there were two songs. Look for some web exclusives soon…I’m sure you’re all dying for more…

  3. Dude, I actually bought the CD, own the CD, and it is…groovy. Nothing like buying music from some starving artist selling music in the employee break room at work.
    What I want to know is this: did Apple hire Aaron (and by corollary Josh) for their musical talent, supurb sales talent, or their stunning good looks? Thousands of eager would-be Apple employees are at this very hour of the night (2 am? why am I up this late?) wondering what the answer is for this all-too-important question.

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