The Dog Park

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a dog park, it’s basically a big, fenced-in area where dog owners can take their little buddies to romp and play outside and off leash without worrying that their dog will be unwelcome. (Dogs Gone Wild!)

There’s a dog park near our house that Steph and I have been going to recently. The folks that built it were actually considerate enough to create two separate fenced-in areas: one for big dogs, and one for little dogs. I can tell that Henson yearns to go cause disturbances in the big dog area, but there’s no way we’re bringing him in there.

The interesting thing we’ve noticed as we watch Henson (“The Grandmaster”) walk around (Note: he does not run) is that he actually prefers to keep to himself. He doesn’t do the thing that many other dogs do where they buzz alongside each other and clash and roll and yip and circle. He certainly has his moments where he smells another dog, but that’s about it. He prefers to walk along by himself, smelling the ground and watching other dogs from a safe distance while looking longingly at the German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and American Bulldogs on the other side of the fence. I’m certain he’s thinking something like, “When I get over there, I will rule them all!” If another small dog comes up to him, he’ll allow it to smell him briefly, and then he’ll turn and bare his teeth and try to chase it away.

When Steph saw that, she said, “Dang it! My dog behaves like a home-schooled kid!” I’m not totally sure I understand what that means, but I’ve got a few guesses.

One thought on “The Dog Park

  1. The dog park is great. There are about 16 of them in the cities and the one closest to my house is the only one with a separate area for the small dogs. Unfortunately, the large dog area also includes marshy wetlands, so the large dog owners have taken over our park and left us with 10-11 on saturday mornings. Maybe you can bring Henson down here and he can put those big dogs in his place. There are 2 other dachhounds (sp?) that would gladly help him out.

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