Thanksgiving night was not only spent on consuming as much food as is healthy (read: possible) but also spent playing one of the best board games I’ve ever played in my life. I don’t know whether it’s fair to call it a board game or not, because it’s not really a conventional board. As you can see, it’s made up of hexagonal tiles, and every time you play the game, those tiles are in a different place, thus adding some randomness to the game.

I’m not going to go into the rules at this point (because that would be a ridiculously long entry) but as complex as the game is, it’s extremely fun. We were first told of it by an Australian friend of ours named Andrew. He’s big into games of all different kinds, and he introduced us to the German-invented Settlers of Catan. We actually didn’t play it with him the first time, though. He spoke of it and said we ought to try it, and our friend Brian Davenport (who teaches at Hyde with Steph) played it with us the first time and taught us how it worked. We’re very thankful he did. It’s a ton of fun. If you’re in Minnesota and you’ll be seeing us over Christmas, it’s possible we might be able to have a game with you.

(For those of you who know how to play, in the linked picture I’m orange, our friends Matt and Aimee are blue and white respectively, and Steph is red. It was a close game, but Steph won.)

5 thoughts on “Settlers

  1. Fun. Game. It’s on my Christmas list, and I DO expect to play it with someone over the break.

    Nice pic, too. I see that wascawy thief is up to no good.

  2. So…Josh already told ya’ll that I’m the red player. Um…I just wanted to point it out again, I guess.

    On a side note, if anyone would be interested in hand crafting a nice board that these tiles could set into, and maybe a lazy susan attached to the bottom…let’s talk. Or, if you can find where I can get one, let me know!

    Bonus points if you can find one designed by Michael Graves. 🙂

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