I’m a little bit more famous than I thought I was. I’ve known for awhile that if you Google for “Josh Lewis” that I’m the first entry you get. Actually, you get this page. I’m the most famous Josh Lewis there is! Forget that guy on Guiding Light.

But I found out today that I’m also the first entry you get when you Google for “blog” and for some reason that makes me a little nervous, and also excited. I mean… that’s a bit like Googling for “Internet,” so maybe people don’t do that very often, but it’s still interesting.

Update: See the comments for the real story. Oops. I should’ve tested a bit more.

10 thoughts on “Famous!

  1. ummmm….
    is what I got when I googled “blog”. Sorry to rain on your parade Josh. I still think you should come up first. I’ll go give those google guys a call and see what their problem is.

  2. You’re right! Although that link goes to the Australian Google, it’s all the same. The interesting thing is that it worked an hour or two ago, and now it’s different. So Google must have an extremely dynamic way of linking and ranking. I knew it was dynamic, but I didn’t think it would necessarily change within an hour!

    I guess I got my fifteen minutes. 🙂

  3. I looked through the first 22 pages of results, and I’m nowhere! How could I drop 22 pages so quickly? Something must be going on… I have no idea. Puzzling.

  4. Aha! Now I know what it is. Apparently it’s only Google Hong Kong. See?

    I think that’s because this particular server that hosts this blog resides in Hong Kong, and that search was restricted to “Pages in Hong Kong.” So my Blog is #1… umm… in pages hosted on servers located in Hong Kong! Yay!!!

  5. Josh, I just checked Hong Kongs results and you are second to “Handknitter…a blog”. Sorry to break it to ya this way. I was thinking maybe it also comes up first because most Hong Kongians don’t call there blog “Blog.” And maybe part of Google dynamics is searching for the sites with the biggest, greenest font. (Note: I have not tested “Handknitter…a blog” to see if it concurs with this theory.)

  6. I’m afraid the news is much worse! Since yesterday, I’ve slipped to page 2 of the results, right below handknitter. Darn you, handknitter!!! Darn you to heck!!!

  7. Neal. This is scary. I typed in your name on a google search and your photo art page came up second, but in first place was the “Porn Star’s Home”. No joke!!! I didn’t look, but I think it funny that on your page it’s selling photos and on the Porn Star’s page it’s SELLING PHOTOS *spoken with emphasis and deep, scruffy French lumberjack voice*!!!

  8. Disturbing. My pics on realmagazine used to always be at the top of that list. My blog doesn’t show up anywhere on there, but a link to some passageway.org articles I wrote is, as well as an issue of Cupertino Times (what?).

    What’s even more screwy is the fact that there isn’t a “Neal” or a “Redman” in that whole list. I looked to figure out why it popped up, and I can’t at all.

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