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We were at a Christmas party last night where the hosts decided to throw in a Simpsons Trivia Quiz for the “ringers” in the crowd (that being Stephanie and me). I got 24 of the 29 questions right, and took home the prize!

If you do the math, that means I missed five. I’m a little embarrassed that I missed some of these (some on technicalities, but hey, I remembered the name of Marge’s bowling instructor), but here they are for you to attempt, if you like. None of them are trick questions either, so you can take them at face value. And no peeking on SNPP!

  • What is Bart’s middle name?
  • What is the name of the Simpson’s cat?
  • Who played Radioactive Man in the Radioactive Man movie?
  • Who was hired to stop the smuggling of illegal alcohol?
  • What was Lisa’s first word?

Get your answers in your head before opening the comments. Let’s hear it, Peanut Gallery!

7 thoughts on “Simpsons Trivia

  1. I got second place in the Simpson’s Trivia game (to Josh) and also second place in the Christmas Trivia game (to a guy whose name I can’t remember…but he’s going to Architect school & knew the name of the Tournament of Roses Rose Parade). I think, even though I never actually won 1st place, that makes me the ultimate trivia champion of the evening. Not to brag or anything *Steph stands on a little pedestal*

  2. OK, someone’s got to swoop in with some Simpsons smarts here.

    1) Bart’s middle name: OK, you got me there. Though I think it starts with a ‘J’ ( gives us the results: Jo-Jo;
    2) The Simpsons cat? Snowball II. There was also Snowball I, which is actually a white a cat.
    3) Who played Radioactive Man? Rainier Wolfecastle. (Up and at them! Up and at them!)
    4) Who was hired to stop the smuggling of illegal alcohol? Rex Banner
    5) What was Lisa’s first word? Bart. Followed shortly thereafter by Homer.

  3. Thank you Kevin. 🙂

    I knew the ‘J’ just like you did. My brain also had an ‘R.B.’ for the one who was hired to stop the alcohol smuggling, but I didn’t pull Rex Banner out. The odd thing is that just last week I was thinking about “up and at them” for some reason, and I still didn’t come up with Rainier. For some reason I didn’t put them together. I forgot entirely that Milhouse was Radioactive Boy.

    I didn’t recall Lisa’s first word, but I thoght they would have made it something like “recycle.” That would have been funny. But I guess they went for touching instead.

  4. I got the season 3 Simpsons DVD for Christmas (the early Thanksgiving version of Christmas with my family) and I’ve been enjoying watching the episodes whenever I feel like it, not strictly at 5:00 or 6:00. In some ways it’s freed from being synidcated-bound Simpsons geek, and in other ways it’s made me a whole new Simpsons geek.

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