Checka Checka Checka…

Since January 1st, 2003, I have sent 4600 email messages. Is that a lot? It doesn’t come out to that many messages each day, anyhow.

My longest email (counting only words I actually typed, not cut-and-pasted, not quoted, not anything else) appears to be 1,663 words, sent to Kevin as part of a discussion we had on the subject of the role of government in relation to religion. My 2nd longest is 916 words, sent to… ummm… Kevin. On the subject of… the role of government in relation to religion. Maybe I email Kevin too much. OK. Those things sometimes took me several days to write. It was fun. I hope we don’t do it again soon. 🙂

My shortest email was sent to Stephanie, and it contained no text whatsoever, but the subject was “Come call me? n/t” For those of you who aren’t familiar with that abbreviation, “n/t” when used at the end of a subject means that the message contains No Text. So now you know.

How many emails have you all sent? You may have only saved the last couple months of email, so you’ll have to count the number of days and extrapolate, but I’d be interested to know how emaily (new word!) I am compared to the rest of you.

8 thoughts on “Checka Checka Checka…

  1. My current Sent Items folder has 2154 messages, going all the way back to February 25, 2001. Of course if you counted e-mails sent during my time at work, that number would be a lot higher.

    You’re the king of e-mail, Josh. Congrats.

  2. My emailing probably doesn’t come close, I won’t even count. As the famous female of the bald-kind once crooned, “Nothing compares to you (in terms of sent email among your blog readers anyway)”.

  3. I’ve sent 793 since May 29th. I suppose you could double that and say I send around 1600 a year or so. I love e-mail. Apparently not as much as you you crazy computer addict!

  4. D’oh! I counted messages sent from work in that count. If I don’t count any work-related messages in that, it comes out to around 2700. So it’s still pretty high, but not as high as 4600!

    I didn’t even think of splitting the number up until Kevin mentioned it.

  5. Heh, you inspired a blog of my own, but about foruming, considering I spend more time there and IMing now than e-mailing (though I could be wrong).

  6. Is it wrong to post 12 days after an entry?

    I’ve sent 3300 from work (the wonders of the help desk), 1000 from home and 100 from my Sidekick. 4400 by my estimates. Not quite Lewisesque, but not bad.

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