Amazon’s Whoopsie & 100th Post

This is a little sick, but hilarious nonetheless. The web is a very funny place, and oftentimes it comes from the hapless combination of things that were never originally intended to be combined.

Continuing in my tradition of counting things for no reason (which started approximately 2,005 minutes ago), this also marks the 100th post to my blog! This blog has been up and running for over 17.5 million seconds! Doesn’t that sound like a lot? It sure does to a common housefly. Any flies out there?

I’ve also had over 540 comments from all you wonderful people (and myself). Thanks for staying tuned in, and I hope I can continue to make it worth your while.

4 thoughts on “Amazon’s Whoopsie & 100th Post

  1. Given Lolita is a rather sick novel, imo, this just adds a little more up front sickness. At least it’s funnay too.

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