I’m The Only One Who Finds This Funny

This is a horrible post with which to come off a small hiatus, but I had to. I had to!!!

So Google collects news articles that are all about the same story, and often times it puts a picture from one article up with the text from another article, assuming that the picture will be of whatever the story is covering.

Now, take a gander here:

Who the heck is that? I just had to laugh. The caption should have read, “More missions to Mars are being planned for the future. Until then, check out this guy’s crazy sideburns! Whoa! We’ll send them next time!”

5 thoughts on “I’m The Only One Who Finds This Funny

  1. I’m pretty sure that is Isaac Asimov! The sideburns are unmistakable. I’m not sure what he has to do with Mars specifically but he has lots to do with science fiction-y stuff like European space probes crashing on distant planets.

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