Garfield: The Movie

It’s coming out in June. Before I saw the trailer, I had such high hopes. This may be the nail in the coffin for that comic. If I had Garfield stock, I would sell.

The guy who regularly does Garfield’s voice (Lorenzo Music) isn’t even helping out with the movie. I can’t blame him, since he died in 2001, but it’s still disheartening because we all know what Garfield sounds like, and it’s just not him. Like Kermit, except that the new voice isn’t even attempting an impersonation.

Still, the animation is pretty decent. And the good news is that Bill Murray is the new voice of Garfield. So I’m trying to hang on to hope that it won’t totally bomb. I hope I have to eat my words come next June.

One thought on “Garfield: The Movie

  1. I used to really like Garfield when I was younger, until about junior high. I used to think I began to not like it as much at this point because I started getting into Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes.

    I’ve now realized that it’s not as funnay as it used to be. Sure, it gives me the occasional chuckle, but this fat cat’s glory days are moving on, imo.

    As for the movie, I’m sure Bill Murray can keep his end up, but I’m not sure how well a Garfield movie will work, or what they can even do with it to make it good.

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