Powerful Magics

You may wonder how the universe could resist collapsing on itself when I have had access to my blog for the last two days since Steve’s keynote and have somehow not written about it. I know! It’s crazy. What invisible force could have kept me from my keyboard? (Or at least from my blog, since you know nothing could keep me from my keyboard.) Those must be some mightly powerful magics. Not just one magic. Several of them.

Well, be sure to check out the link to the keynote above. If you only want to see my personal favorite hilight, watch from 1:08:35 to about 1:31:12. And if you’re too busy to manage that, and you find yourself saying, “Dude, that’s about 23 minutes!” then once you get to 1:12:00, skip ahead to 1:26:20 and quit when John Mayer is done playing. I promise you’ll like that part, and that turns out to be 8 minutes or so. Hopefully you’re not that busy.

The iPod mini (which I just held for the first time about an hour ago, and I coddled it so) was also introduced. It’s everything the iPod is, but miniaturized! For instance, it’s seemingly too expensive, but in a smaller way. Still, I think Apple might sell a good amount of these. And obviously if capitalism drives the price down they’ll sell even more. We’ll see.

In other news, Apple has removed all beef products from its Café Macs cafeteria menu to protect employees from Mad Cow. I don’t think it worked though, because I started acting strangely and foaming at the mouth when I heard about their decision.

I’ll be on the MacWorld show floor from 1:30pm to 6pm giving demos of iChat AV and the iSight, so that should be fun! I won’t be under my own screen name, though, so unfortunatley you won’t be able to interrupt me. Until then, I shall scour the show floor for the tastiest of offerings in the Mac universe, as I often do. The booths are like blood in the water, and I am a shark.

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