2 thoughts on “A Step Forward

  1. This is significant for many reasons. One of which is hidden near the end here (from a New York Times article):

    The agreement – which was completed only after an extensive bargaining session that ran long into Wednesday night between Carleton S. Fiorina, Hewlett’s chief executive, and Apple’s Steven P. Jobs – represents a significant departure for both companies. For the first time, Mr. Jobs has stepped away from the self-enclosed Apple-only strategy he has pursued since he returned to run the company in 1997. Meanwhile, Hewlett, the second-largest computer maker in the world, has put its software partner, Microsoft, on notice that it will not necessarily follow its lead in every case.

  2. Hooray for HP. I’ve always been somewhat impressed with HP, they tend to do things that make a lot of sense and make decisions not entirely based upon what other companies are doing. We used to purchase HP business PCs (Vectras and Kayaks) for staff desktops at Bethel and I was always impressed with their case designs and hardware reliability. Not always the cheapest or fastest preformance, but you could tell they were designed with bigger IT departments in mind. Too bad they killed off the HP business stuff and went with Compaq’s line.

    Just stay away from their consumer products.

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