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I don’t know how many of you know it, but Apple has a very healthy (or unhealthy, depending on how you see it) group of rumor and news sites surrounding it, which is totatly disproportionate to their marketshare. There’s one site, called Crazy Apple Rumors Site, which occaisonally has stuff that is quite funny, and today they posted this. Check it out. It’s funny. And true. It’s funny and true.

PS> Neal, I’m posting this from the largest library West of the Mississippi, and you totally missed out on a great library! (More on that later.)

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  1. Ohhhh, teh funnay! People go with what they know, I think. PC’s are in the workplace, so it’s just what people use. My Mom and other teachers get upset about having to learn a new OS or e-mail program, so a different system is an even bigger deal, I believe.

    Heh, I guess I’ll have to see this library on my next visit. I’ll try to come for longer this time around, as 3-4 days just isn’t enough. Maybe I’ll convince you to drive out to one of California’s great parks as well.

  2. … you know, that’s kinda what you sounded like when I suggested we do that the first time I visited! Are we changing our “I went their on a family vacation” tune? Hehe.

  3. I don’t know what it is about macs that scares people. We are getting a new computer for the teachers at work (yes we all have to share one computer) and the first three comments made were, “We’re not getting one of those macs are we?”, “Macs are impossible to learn.” and “I can’t use a mac, they’re way to complicated.” I’m not really sure why people think they are so difficult to use. I would just like to note that the computers in the classroom for the kids to use are all G3’s and the kids have figured out how to use them just fine. So my theroy is if a 3 year old can successfully use a mac then they should be pretty easy to use.

    I think i may order a mac for the office computer anyway…
    then i don’t have to share it. hehehehehe

  4. They’re so difficult to learn because THEY’RE NOT USED TO THEM. Plain and simple: they’re rationalizing why they don’t want to change. Both are pretty simple to use, imo.

  5. When I worked in MN, my school got new computers. Each teacher got to choose if they wanted a Dell or an iMac. I took an iMac and all the other Art teachers took Dells. They tried doing things like burning CD’s of music, editing movies, and editing pictures on their Dells. They’d always ask me for help…I’d putz around on their computer and figure it out…eventually. When one of their computers crashed a few too many times, I showed them how to do these things on my iMac. Let’s just say that the following incidents happened after my little introduction day: I would come in to work in the morning/evening and one of them would be sitting at my computer, I’d come back Monday morning and my computer would be gone because one of them “borrowed” it for the weekend, I was traded cups of coffee for time on my computer. No joke. I think, in a sick way, they were glad to see me leave MN so they didn’t have to fight me for time on that machine anymore. Good times.

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