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Sometimes I start to wonder about stuff and I can’t make myself stop. For instance, this morning I wondered how they get the soda into the aluminum soda can. The can is sealed and it has no removable cap! I’m sure it’s a simple answer, whatever it is, but I don’t know what it is. I’ve got my guess, though.

Anyhow I’m hoping someone actually knows the answer for certain without having to guess, or can find it on the Net. Anyone?

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  1. I visited a coke factory in Ohio when I was young. Best I can tell they have the base of the can, fill it with soda and then place the cap on top–bending the outermost of it around the top of the base.

    Couldn’t verify the above with this site but thought I’d share:

  2. Excellent work, Mr. Zornek. That’s what I was suspecting. You can just barely detect some kind of seam around the top of the can there. It’s obvious the bottom of the can is a solid piece, or has been melted enough that it seems like it came from a solid piece. But the top seems a little tacked on.

    I wonder how they seal them? I mean, you can’t make metal watertight just by bending it around, can you? Maybe their machines are just that precise.

  3. Next time you come up Josh I can take you to a bottling plant in Mankato so you can see first hand. The best part by far though is the syrup room. Never before has Mt. Dew smelled so majestic, yet wicked awesome. The smell is so thick in there that you can taste it. Perhaps it was a little slice of heaven…

  4. The cans are sealed using heat, like soldering. The saturation capacity of carbon dioxide in the pop’s (soda’s, Coke’s) liquid is greater at lower temperatures (the same applies inversely to the volume of the solution), so the cans are easily sealed when the liquid is cooled below consumption-level temperatures. You could also lower the solution’s “bubble-point” by applying pressure to it, but this is less cost-effective than simply lowering its temperature.

  5. Don’t be too impressed; remember that I took 11th grade Chemistry last year. I’m guessing your Chemistry days are far behind you 🙂

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