Yesterday I sent 87 separate emails. I’m not talking about sending one email to ten people, and counting that as ten emails. I’m saying that I sent 87 completely different email messages. That’s one every 12 minutes, since I was awake for about 17 hours.

That has to have been the emailingest day of my life.

5 thoughts on “Shift-Apple-D

  1. It’s thanks to people like you that I read 2500-5000 emails a month. If I leave work for a 4 day weekend, I come back to 100 new emails. And that’s over a weekend – sheesh!

    Thank goodness for message filtering in – I would be lost without it. Although I miss the flexability of procmail running on the mail server pre-sorting my mail into different folders – it means that I don’t have to set up mail filtering on the 6 different machines that I use on a semi-regular basis.

  2. Shift-Apple-D is the worst shortcut for sending mail. Seriously who thought of that key combo?! Sorry, I know your post wasn’t about that but with the title I just had to say something.

  3. Regarding Basic Comm, yes, I was that fellow. Funny thing is, I don’t remember doing a speech on that topic, but I could definatly see myself doing a speech like that.

    As far as Shift-Apple-D is concerned, I think of the phrase “Deliver Message”, so “D” is an acceptable letter to use, for me. However, I seem to be in the camp of reviewing what I just wrote and clicking “Send” once it is ready to be sent.

  4. I happen to have a superpower. Not many of you realize this, but I’m able to remember any shortcut, no matter how archaic, after using it only two or three times. So Shift-Apple-D doesn’t bug me, because I don’t have to try to remember it. It just happens. My hands know what it is, even if my brain doesn’t.

    I actually had to double-check that it was the right shortcut before I wrote that title, even though I obviously use it enough.

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