Blue Sparks and the Bullet Blaster

If you’ve never played, seen, or heard of the Mario Kart series of video games, this might not make much sense. It might be a good idea to go read up.

I’ve done a great thing today, people. For awhile now I’ve been playing Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, and honing my time trials on the Baby Park course. Originally, I was proud of the 1:18 I had earned for all seven laps. Then my friend Jeff came over, and I saw that he had some mad skillz on the game, so I asked him to give me a record, and he cut mine down by about two seconds. I observed his game closely, and attempted to mimic his every move. I was only about two tenths of a second above his record for awhile, and then finally broke it last week. I’ve been down in the 1:15.x for awhile now (using the Green Fire with Mario and Luigi, if you’re curious).

Tonight, another exciting thing happened. Steph saw that I was having trouble winning a Grand Prix and suggested that we play two-player to see if that would help, and we earned a 3rd place on the 150cc Star Cup, which was pretty challenging for us. Then we went and took 1st in the 50cc Special Cup, which was a walk in the park. She can really bring the blue sparks. That win unlocked the Bullet Blaster, which is a little black, bullet-shaped cart with decent acceleration and very nice speed. So I took that cart back to the Baby Park track for a time trial, and even though it wasn’t a really perfect race (I made some big mistakes) I beat my previous record. I’m now finishing Baby Park in 1:14.779, which is a very tight race.

I would love to hear if any of you guys have records on that course, and what they are. Oh, and what you’re driving of course. If you’d like to see some records for Baby Park online, there are some very impressive ones right here.

Bring it!

24 thoughts on “Blue Sparks and the Bullet Blaster

  1. Any time, Mr. Tough Guy!

    OK, so you can totally school me on the Grand Prix, but I’d like to see what you could do with Baby Park. Seriously, if you’ve got the chance, try to take on my time there. I’ll post any updates to that record in this thread.

  2. OK, I know I don’t have a world record here or anything, but I just had some sweet laps! I was basically kissing the inner median while turning and sparking. It was so awesome. Honestly, it’s a little too intense to do for very long, but that’s a mighty fine record there.

    Let it be known, though, that I understand it’s possible to go faster than this. But I think the people who got the records I mentioned above weren’t doing those records with this kart (the Bullet Blaster). I have a feeling they were probably using a faster kart than I have earned currently.

    So if you’re trying to beat my record, please use the Bullet Blaster, and of course, please link to a screenshot if you can. Just for posterity’s sake. 🙂

    The strange part is that when I race now, I don’t race against one ghost, but two. There’s the ghost that I set, and if I beat that one I get the #1 spot of course, but there’s also another ghost that stays a good bit ahead of me and totally kicks my butt. He’s at least a quarter lap ahead of me for most of the race, and I don’t know how he got there because I certainly didn’t set him up. I’ve never done the course as fast as he’s doing it.

    Is that a bug or something? Or did I unlock some kind of “ultimate Baby Park on Bullet Blaster” ghost that the guys at Nintendo programmed in? Weird.

  3. A few days ago, I was getting 1:12 with baby Mario, Baby Luigi, and the green baby cart. Haven’t logged times much since, but I can easily beat that ghost.

  4. So there is a Staff Ghost!! Aha! I knew that wasn’t me!

    How did I unlock it? Was it just getting below 1:14 that did it? Interesting.

  5. You should put a NOCACHE pragma on these pages so that they reload their contents every time. I never see my new post when I come back to this page.

  6. On the original Mario Kart for the SNES, I honed one race down perfectly with my favorite racer at the time, Koopa Troopa. No one could do better with him, and I knew how to take every turn with the best angle and speed.

    Then my friend raced that track when I was in the bathroom with Donkey Kong (best high speed on the SNES game), and whooped my record, and you can’t delete that stuff on the SNES game. I was ticked.

    Seriously though, I’m sitting on a $50 Best Buy GC and $75 from birthday and Christmas stuff. I’m soooo tempted to buy a Gamecube and stuff, but that could go towards an iPod too, etc. etc. Time and money are big concerns overriding my great desire to play some more good games.

  7. Okay, well I played a few rounds after reading this and am at 1:14:231 with Toad/Toadette/Bullet Car. I’ll give it another go when I can–too busy playing Tiger Woods 2004 though.

  8. Well, that’s it… Everything raced, everything unlocked. Fun stuff. Mirror mode is HARD.

    I’ve exhausted the game’s play value for now. That is, until SOMEONE else gets a Broadband Adapter…

  9. Congrats on that! I’m nowhere near able to do that yet. Oh, and I’m woring on getting the broadband adapter, trust me! 🙂

    Still no quote as to your current best time on Baby Park? That absence is a bit specious, isn’t it Mr. Judy? 😀

  10. It’s a shame really. You all have the wrong combinations: I have gotten 1:09:089 with Baby Bowser/Baby Mario/train thingy. Try that combination. I shall not alert as to if i get under 1:09:000.

  11. Whoa, 1:09? That’s a pretty serious claim. I’m going to have to try this baby bowser/baby mario combo with the train. We shall see.

  12. Tips:
    -In every lap of Baby Park four mini turbos are required when turning corners, i picked this up from the staff ghost (even though it was a sinch to beat).

    -The two mushrooms that are given at the start of the race should be used straight after the second boost of each corner.

    -For goodness sake, make sure to use baby bowser/baby mario and the train, in my opinion they are easily the best combination.

    -This isn’t really a tip but i have learnt that the fastest time by a person so far is about 1:05:000 – 1:06:000. So don’t think I am the best.

  13. Thomas,

    You should be proud. Congratulations! You are, as I like to say, “Teh 133+ M@$+@R” of Baby Park. I think that’s the lowest time I’ve ever heard, even though I do agree it’s probably possible to get a better time than that. It ain’t easy, that’s fo’ sure.

    Dude, I don’t understand what you mean by TWO boosts per curve. Please advise. I’m just boosting once to bring myself out of the curve, but I’m not close enough to the Staff Ghost to see whatever you’re seeing. I haven’t beaten him yet. Hardly a “cinch” sir! 🙂

  14. Josh,

    What I mean by two boosts per curve is getting to blue sparks and when reachng the end of the curve realeasing. Then you should be somewhere in the middle of the track. You will have to do another boost in the opposite direction, realsing on blue and steadying yourself. This may seem hard. Possibly try to catch up to the ghost to see what i mean or just drive up to the curve and wait for the ghost to lap you, that should give you an idea of what I mean. By the way, the staff ghost is easy to beat. You just need more practise.

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