I’ll be doing web dev and chilling out all day long (I took the day off work), but I just had to point out that I totally love this commercial. It’s awesome. Really fun to watch.

Update (1.22.04) : The song they play in the iPod commercial above is now available on the iTunes Music Store right here. So enjoy!

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  1. For my Men’s Studies course, I was asked to write an essay describing a man who has been a mentor to me, and the qualities he exhibits that make me look to him as such. I decided to write about none other than Josh Lewis. What a swell guy!

    In the fall of my sophomore year, I began to gain interest in computer programming. This esoteric art form had always amazed me, and my friends and teachers encouraged me to pursue independent studies in common computer language such as Java and C. After expressing my desire to join some of my peers in their computer science studies, Theresa Reardon-Offerman, head of my high school’s technology department, pulled tens of pounds of convoluted instructional manuals and lingual reference books from shelves in her office and placed them in an intimidating pile in front of me. “These should help,” she assured me. After sorting through boxes of similarly heavy tomes, my biceps had been helped, but I still felt lost when it came to writing the mysterious code. I felt that I needed a special spark to ignite my learning. Josh Lewis was that spark, and he became one of the great male mentors of my life through his sense of humor, his optimism, his analytical problem-solving, his supportive, fostering attitude, his creativity, and his willingness to respect and acknowledge the ideas of others.

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