When I least expect it

Yet another cool band name. Tell me what you think of when you hear it: Nihilistic Finger

Hmmm? That one’s inspired by Radiohead.

PS> It’s still happening. Comment over there for that entry, and over here for this one, of course.

5 thoughts on “When I least expect it

  1. Nihilistic Finger? Does that mean that you are giving nihilstic thinkers the bird? Or does it mean that the nihilists are pointing at Truth, but can’t see beyond their own finger tips? Or is it your finger that is the nihilst?

    Well, one good thing about it is that it might get people to use a dictionary. I couldn’t remember what it meant myself. “Finger” that is.

  2. It’s nihilistic because everything it points at will evenutally die. Meaningless! Everything is meaningless! Death is everywhere I point! I’m like King Midas without the glitter!

  3. How bout “Banana of the Pointing Nihilists”?

    Or “Banana of My Meaningless Existence”?

    Or “Banihilistana”!?!

    Nevermind! It’s all pointless!!!!

  4. I guess this exercise is pointless, but that never stops me. 🙂

    I think you came close to something really cool in your last attempt. I like “Banihilista.” It sounds kinda militant and ridiculous and fruity. And it’s internally cohesive.


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