Life as a Bald Man

(I’ve been way too busy lately. So much so that it has made me a crabby person. Please forgive my lack of posts, and enjoy this little ditty, courtesy of a gift from Stephanie.)

Sometimes I don’t like being bald. I can think of all sorts of really awesome hairstyles I’d like to try (dreadlocks, the Ewan McGregor look, etc.) but I know I’ll never be able to. Even if my hair was really thick (which it isn’t which is one reason it’s gone now), it still sucks. It’s kinda floppy and poofy and dumb. Never really cooperated with anything but a bowl cut, or a really short trim. That’s just not stylin’.

There are also some days that I really love being bald. I mean, you can’t go wrong looking just a tiny bit more like the big guy (Sans muscles and cool eyebrows), and I even look a bit more like my favorite villain (Sans scar, white face paint, and midget). But a recent gift given to me by Stephanie has really made me love baldness. It’s called The HeadBlade. They’ve created this device that is made specifically for people who shave their heads, and it’s actually fun to use. The shave is close (almost too close, but not that bad) and you’re basically just running your hand over your head, leading with the blade. It’s sweet. You’ve kinda gotta try it to know why it’s cool, but if you ever shave your head for an extended period of time, pick one of these up.

7 thoughts on “Life as a Bald Man

  1. If it ever happens, I think the Patrick Stewart look is for me. I think I’d look too much like a biker with a goatee and a bald head (not to mention that 6′ 2″ Swedish stature). Although, I could start my own biking clan: the Dino-Sized Swedes. Or maybe Swede’s Angels.

    Nice pics by the way: almost Fargoesque in quality.

  2. Perfect timing. My parents are continuing to nag me to trim off my slightly shaggy, mostly curly hair. They long for ye olde traditional men’s haircut, parted down the middle, etc. I keep threatening to really trim it down (I would like to sometime, just to see what it looks and feels like) and the HeadBlade is the perfect device to try and use.

    Do you have to use shaving cream or gel with that blade?

  3. Yes, you use shaving cream/gel with this blade. It’s really just like any other razor-blade shaver except that it’s easier to shave your head with it because of the design. But it uses a two-blade system like many face shavers, and all that. It comes with shaving cream called “Head Slick”, but I’m not fond of the stuff. It doesn’t lather up like I think it should, and it dries out faster than other shaving creams do.

    Eddie, they say that you can use it to shave anything from your head on down, but I would have to disagree with them. I tried to shave my face with it, and I had about three dozen nicks and cuts before I stopped trying. That’s not an exaggeration. The right side of my face was covered in teeny tiny shaving cuts. A few hours later I was totally fine and you couldn’t even see what had happened, but it was kinda scary when it first happened So I don’t use it on my face or anywhere else. Just my head.

  4. Whoa! It took me a brief second to figure it out there, Danielle, but that is indeed the guy who made the Mr. Clean I linked to. You knew that. 🙂

    Sweet! Do you know him, or did you meet him, or what?

    What a small world…

    Danielle, second question: How’d you find my blog?

  5. last year (sr. year of highschool), my art class took a field trip to his studio. he lives right here in my hometown, Norman, OK. the mr. clean he designed was modeled after one of our city’s firemen. he’s sort of a local hero now:)

    on xanga blogs you can put a little subtitle in your top banner. i once had the phrase ‘world of pure imagination’ in there, and wanted to see if google would catch it. so i searched and came up with a list of related links, including a link to your post about the remake of charlie and the chocolate factory (which is one of my absolute favorite movies!).

    anyway, i’ve been around a while–this was about two months ago. i liked your post, so i kept reading.

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