I know some of you have been Firebird users. Well, they’ve updated and changed the name, just for the heck of it! Check it out.

PS> It’s better than Internet Explorer.

10 thoughts on “FireFox

  1. I love how I can’t seem to get Mozilla to download this new thing. And how they don’t have an updater: you get the whole new thing, screw the old. I’m trying my best to like them over explorer, and it works most of the time… but some stuff!

  2. It’s official, I’m really not liking the new one. Firebird was a bit slow on opening pics, but Firefox takes forever to open period. I wait a good 10-20 secs for it to open up, and it locked up on me on my first download. Aren’t new versions supposed to get better?

  3. *sigh* I’m still having it be more clunky than Firebird, and I’m not sure WHY I still have to install a flashplayer: I did that for Firebird, you’d think it’d be simple for them to just design it in there.

  4. Mac Fanboys! Auuuuggggh! Kevin’s already steering conversation to Macs for his own nefarious purposes! I KNEW Apple was a part of a worldwide conspiracy, and here’s the proof.

    Firefox is running better today, though it still has problems with getting graphics up as fast as explorer, just like Firebird did. Though I do like the tab feature at times.

    Still, the plugin thing is still confusing to me. They have a flash download for Firebird and Firefox users all set up, so why not design the program with it in there? Most confusing!

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