Helen and Eric

I’m now hosting five different blogs besides my own on this server, and I’m guessing the community will only grow from here! Please allow me to welcome #4 and #5 to the fray: Helen and Eric Drotning.

Oh, but what happened to a proper introduction?

Steph has known Helen since they were each about seven years old, so obviously they’ve had the time to become pretty close. Basically like sisters for two girls who don’t actually have “blood” sisters. Steph introduced me to Helen a few years back, and she’s absolutely delightful. So when I met Eric through her (awhile after they were engaged) I thought right away he’d be really awesome.

I was so right.

So they’re friends of the family now, as you might imagine. We even took a few pictures at their wedding, just for fun, and they happen to still be on my server. And now, thanks to that link, my site’s bandwidth usage will spike for a few days. 🙂

They both graduated from St. Olaf College’s Music Department, which you may know has quite a good reputation. Eric is a percussionist and a grad student, and Helen is a music teacher.

My only two suggestions to new bloggers, with my sincere apologies if they seem obvious, are:

  • Never talk about work-related situations with too much detail
  • Never assume a particular person won’t see your entry

So, a big welcome to Helen and a big welcome to Eric! Glad to have you in the blogosphere.

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