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Well since there’s so much going on these days with extolling the virtues of iTunes I figured I had to jump in with my own story.

Two days ago while I was using iTunes, I decided to once again take advantage of the shared music feature (half way down the page) built into iTunes. iTunes lets users turn this sharing on in preferences, and when they do that, everyone else who is running iTunes on their local network can see and play the music in their music library (with one notable exception). So I picked one of the (currently) nineteen available music libraries on the network, and started rooting around. It was there that I stumbled upon a band called Puffy AmiYumi.

Guess what country they’re from. Yes, that’s right.

Anyhow, these gals (the band consists of two women) are totally awesome. They’ve got a website of course. I also understand that they hosted their own TV show in Japan for awhile called Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Puffy. Honestly, I don’t know what those people have with hyphenated names, but it’s catchy.

I would highly recommend checking out the samples of their album “Nice.” on there. Yes, the album title includes the period. “Red Swing” and “Thank You” are two of my favorites right now, but I would have to say that “Tokyo Nights” is #1 for me. Something about the super-super-happy-fun bass line (see?). I don’t know what it is. The modem-friendly encoding on the online clip doesn’t do it justice. It’s not even the best part of the song, but whatever.

So if you’ve got a chance to snag some Puffy AmiYumi, go ahead and do it. I swear, it’s totally rockin’.

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  1. Ah, I figured that would come up eventually.

    First, a background fact: When you purchase a song on the iTunes Music Store, the license for that song (since every song you purchase on any format has a license, even though you might not be aware of it) states that you are legally allowed to have that song playable on three different computers simultaneously. Since iTunes uses DRM technology (Digital Rights Management) they also enforce that license agreement instead of just stating it.

    Still with me?

    So, if you are already playing the music on three computers, and then you want to play it on a fourth computer (thus “authorizing” it), you would have to first “deauthorize” one of the three you had already been using, and then authorize the new one by typing in your iTunes Music Store account name and password when iTunes asks for it. The point is, the total never goes above three simultaneously authorized computers at any time. I can switch back and forth as often as I want, but that’s the license. Got it? OK.

    The key is this: music shared over a network is not any different. I still need authorization. So the owner of the music would have to come over and put their name and password in, and it’s a pain. It’s my least-favorite thing about iTunes, but it’s a necessary evil for the time being. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and that will change in the future, but there’s no way to say if or when. I don’t get too angry about it because no other music-playing software does automatic over-network sharing, so complaining that it’s only most of the music and not all of it rings rather hollowly to me. But that doesn’t make the problem go away.

    And now you know why I tried to summarize all this in four parenthetical words. 🙂

    So… did anyone look at or listen to Puffy’s stuff? What do you think?

  2. Hey Josh Lewis! I tried to email you something a bit ago and I’m wondering if you got it, if you did, please let me know. Also, I need your address again because the batteries in my palm pilot died, and with it, all my addresses. I have a couple CDs to send you. Like the web site. Peace.

  3. Ummmm, well, to be blunt, I’m not too into Puffi. The Teen Titans Theme Song (which I’ve heard a lot on CN) has its charms, but the other ones, well, their sound gets aggravating. Sorry I couldn’t join the Josh bandwagon on this one.

  4. So disappointing, Neal. So very disappointing.

    Still, I don’t think I would enjoy them either if all I had was their website with the crappy sound clips. I just picked them out of the blue with no expectations and listened to their entire album, and I loved it by the end.

    Maybe this is one of those things where if you pump up expectations, people end up hating it, but if they stumble upon it on their own, they’ll like it.

  5. No disagreements there, my friend. I think of all my readers, Kevin, you’re the one who is most likely to love these guys. Their songs are very “yo-able.”

  6. I wanted to know where to get a good Puffy Amiyumi CD becase they seem pretty cool but I have never heared one of their songs befor. So could someone wrigh me on the message bored or wrigh my E-mail address please?

    P.S. I can’t spell.

  7. You probably know this…

    Puffy now has a show on CN, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, comes on 11:30 AM Sat (Eastern time), right before Teen Titans. It’s also on Friday night.

    The beginning and end feature Puffy, doing some wacky things. They’re certainly having fun…

    I ran across the show last week, and probably will check out one of their CDs (after listening to all the songs I could find on the CN and Puffy AmiYumi websites (Planet Tokyo, Teen Titan theme, Hi Hi theme, Friends Forever)).

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