Held the Door

I just held the door for Steve. He seemed in high spirits today and even said, “Thank you!” 🙂

(I know, it’s dumb, but I just had to say something.)

6 thoughts on “Held the Door

  1. You talked to theSteve? You are now my personal hero. I would comission Johnny Cash to write song about you….but he’s out of town….or he died….either way, gonna have to get back to you with that song. Nice work brother.

  2. If people were allowed to have official alias names I think his should be iSteve. It kind of serves two purposes, to the apple folk the meaning is clear but to the unwashed beige masses if he points at himself and says, “iSteve” they will think he is just another cro-mag man from Cali (like Encino Man).

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