More Cool Band Names

In my continuing struggle to provide the hottest, freshest made-up band names from straight out of my brain, I submit these two for analysis:

  • The Amazing Mumfords
  • The Lonlies

I like both, but I can’t believe The Lonlies isn’t taken. I found one reference on the Net to “Doug Burr/the Lonlies” but they appear to be defunct. Or De-funked. Whichever. Yes, I realize the first name is a little too “a-la-peanut-butter-sandwiches,” but I like it for that very reason.

57 thoughts on “More Cool Band Names

  1. There is something strange about the spelling of Lonlies. It looks like Lon-lies when I look at it at first. Kind of like the one-ders vs. o-nee-ders. So, I guess I don’t like it because it just looks strange. A band name needs to sound good and look good.

  2. I’m pretty surprised The Amazing Mumfords isn’t taken already. That’s an awesome band name.

    I used to have a long list of band names, but have no idea what happened to it. All I can remember is “Hot Lanthanide Thursday,” or its variant, “Hot Lanthanide.” I think I was in chemistry class when I came up with that one. I even had names picked for the tracks on the first CD:
    1. Hydrogen
    2. Helium
    3. Lithium
    4. Beryllium
    5. Boron

    I guess I’m sort of a nerd. I guess I’m really a nerd.

    Your names are a lot better.

  3. Were you not raised on Sesame Street? You know, I’m starting to meet more and more people who grew up apart from Jim Henson’s legacy, and I just can’t accept that. A friend of mine out here had never seen any Muppet movies (or at least not the real Muppet movies that were made before 1990) so I had to give her a copy of The Muppet Movie to check out for herself. I haven’t heard back yet, but it would just destroy me if a human being, and one that I call my friend nonetheless, could actually watch that movie and not enjoy it.

    Anyhow, Danielle, you need to check out some old-school Sesame Street so you don’t miss one of the most creative shows on television in the last 30 years. Their new stuff isn’t so great, but the stuff they did in the 80s was awesome.

  4. Where does one check out old-school Sesame Street? I’d like to be able to see some of the old stuff. The new stuff just isn’t the same.

    I found out the hard way just how many people didn’t grow up with Captain Vegetable.

  5. Maybe “Lonlies” might wirk better if it was spelled differently, like “The Lone Lee’s” or “The Loan Lease” (hehehe). I don’t know. Or maybe combine the two, “The Amazing Mumford Lonlies”! That kinda sound like a pathelogical problem though..

  6. I have no idea where one could see old-school Sesame. You’d think they would make a ten-disc DVD set or something, wouldn’t you? “Best of the 80s Sesame Street” or something? Why not?

    I agree that the spelling of “lonlies” is distracting, but trying to spell it any other way ruins the feel of it. You’re not supposed to be making a pun or a clever word. It’s supposed to be the plural of the noun “lonely.” And that would be spelled “lonlies” so there’s really no other way to do it.

  7. This is stupid, but you could break it down further and call your band “Lawn with Leaves.” It creates a picturesque scene with a slight fear of raking your afternoon away.

  8. dude i play in really cool band were prety good bout to go into the studio and we have been deciding on a few names but noneof them stick.PLEEEEEEEEZ HELP ME

  9. Hey Josh!?

    Um i’m in a band and cant think of a band name. Mayb u can email me some.
    Thanks man if ya do.

  10. hey i’m in australia, thats weird ure like asleep. it’s 10:27pm here when i posted that message. WOW!

  11. Well Glen, might I suggest the following names

    1. Pyrotechnic Music Fish
    2. Glen’s Top Ten
    3. Power Krazy
    4. Tribe of Indians
    5. Big Knife
    6. Limozine
    7. Suped Up Tack Board

  12. Ania sure sounds retarded. Anyways, Ania. Some cool freakin’ band names could include: Flaming Nitroglycerine Darts, The Intro Folks, Especially Vulgar, Red Tornado, Insomnicsexpress, or the beloved Insomuch. But I am here to give you THE ULTIMATE BAND NAME EVER> here it is folks, forever to be ingrained in the hearts and minds of the peoples forever: Anium Explosion.

  13. Glenn, “you play in really dumb band”. Use periods and perhaps your band will be more well-known and you can actually have a good name. Come up with one yourself. You are pathetic if you can have a band with lyrics and not be able to write one sentance. You couldn’t pay me to see you play. Loser.

  14. I was reading the guy that calls himself “Kool Band Name Creator” post, and glen, those are pretty awesome! but, i think Suped Up Tack Board is already taken. So I came up with a few of my own to help you out.

    1. The Eagles
    2. The Beatles
    3. KC and The Sunshine Band
    4. Pink Floyd
    5. Queen
    6. Hootie and the Blowfish
    7. Blondie
    8. Fine Young Cannibals
    9. Three Dogs Night
    10. Elton John

    There You have it, ten of my best suggestions.

  15. Actually, Kooler than Kool, Elton John is already taken. Just spotted that mistake. Maybe you could use a cool name like “P. Diddy” or “Micheal Jackson”. Those sound alright, I guess.

  16. Why is it that people think it’s funny to post over and over again while pretending to be different people? Seriously, I’ve had that happen about a dozen times, and it’s never funny.

    Good Strong Bad impersonation though.

  17. it seems to me that everybody thinks the coolest band name ever would be “midnight sun” is it taken? a few of my own visions include:

    No Flash Photography
    The Irrationals
    Toxic Audio
    Before Then
    Photon Axel (from a friend’s suggestion)
    Plan B

  18. this is a great place to come to laugh. a word of advice to you sesame street luvers: u suck.. a good name for a band idea are….

    -Constitutional Electricity
    -Rapping Cows
    -Tongue Filled Afro
    -46th Avenue
    -Gettin Drunk in the Neighborhood
    -That One Band
    -My PC Broke
    -Metallica 2
    -The Greatest Dillusion
    -Metallica 3
    -Cuban Jocks
    -We Hate Preps
    -Shut Up
    -Strawberry Lightbulbs
    -Chinese Chekkerz
    -Skittlez (taste the rainbow)
    -No freaks Allowed
    -Stop Pushing
    -Confessional Dashboard
    -Pillow Fighters
    -Metallica IIII
    -Flying Chimps on a Rampage
    -Sing It Now
    -I Love Me
    -Cold Fusion
    -Screwed Visions
    -Donnie Darko
    -The End

  19. Bob (or whoever you are… Why is it people don’t at least post their real names?), I can tolerate your mostly-stupid band names, but don’t you go knocking Sesame Street. It may not be what it once was, but when it was good, it was genius.

  20. yo, first of all, isnt blitz kreig a method of attack used during WWII? well, i have kinda formed a band, and im still thinking of cool names, every time i try i go blank, somebody plz help me, btw- SESAME STREET FORMED A GREAT EDUCATION FOR KIDS


  21. DAMN!!! that sux, now i gotta think of a new name, i was thinkin of a name with the word “symphony” or “orchestra”, can u help me out?

  22. yea im in a sweet band, and i have my own recording studio and im realy looking for a cool mysterious band name. i need some help

  23. hey mike, where you at? i wanna be in a band, but nobody will do it wit me! UGH!!!!!! ill find somebody!

  24. Genocide……….means mass murder of a cult, religion, racist group….ect…….
    we just started our badn about 6 months ago and that was our name.but we decided to change it….i dunno to what yet so im giving u mine

  25. 3 problems i hav

    1. I haven’t form a band(or in)
    2. Even if i was we wood have spent 6 mounths thinkin of 1
    3. idon’t know were to start cos i’m 11 years old

    Can anyone help me i’m desperet

  26. hey im also trying to start a band. these are some of the names ive thought of.

    black water

    write back if u like any of them

  27. I’m in a small band in carrollton, GA, and the only problems we have is deciding on a name and finding a promising drummer. Our drummer’s name is Levi, but he is only having these crazy dilemmas and we’re starting to think he is full of crap.
    I see yall r having some trouble thinking of good band names. Well here’s a couple that I thought of.

    Black Room Cover
    Soul Jar
    Social Rebel
    Fist Full of Glass
    Monsters of The Light
    The between the Cracks
    Ancient Red
    42 Distorted Crimnals
    Soth (i just think the letters look cool)
    Infereno Time
    West nich
    Cumafumabuma (I thought is sound funny)

    Write me back if your use one these names or if u have any comments.
    O yeah I play bass for all those other bassists out there.
    But before I go I want all those bassists that use a pick. To know that I HATE YOU. I don’t care who u r. I just hate u for using a pick, you p****.

  28. well ya i need a cool rock band name can anyone help? i need like a serios name not retarded like gym socks or somethin. Thanks

    “The End” sounds pretty cool but i dunno

  29. come on guys help out im writing on 11-4-04 and i dont even know if this message board is still goin on or if its dead….

  30. i i captain, people come by here every so often, but I don’t think anyone will be able to give you more band names than they already have. Most of the names people come up with are pretty bad, anyhow.

    Look here for some more names:

    I like “The End.” Just make sure no one else is using it, or anything like it. Maybe look on iTunes?

    By the way, you can see that people can tell what date you’re posting by the little tag line beneath your post.

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