Holy Luncheon Meat, Batman!

OK, this whole blog spam thing is getting out of hand. In the last six hours, I’ve had over fifty attempts by someone or some group of people to do comment spam all over my blog. All fifty have been automatically blocked, and I simply can’t go without mentioning what tool did the blocking for me, because I’m so thankful for it.

MT Blacklist is a totally amazing blog-spam blocker, and if you have a blog, you simply must, must, must get it. There is no other choice but to get it and use it and love it. I would sooner watch Gigli than not use MT Blacklist for my blog. It’s that amazing. All the blogs on my server benefit from it, and my sanity stays in tact because I get a little bit of joy every time one of those evil idiots is blocked.

Do your worst, spammers! I will block you all! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaa!

7 thoughts on “Holy Luncheon Meat, Batman!

  1. Stupid WestHost wants to charge me $70 to install Storable.pm (a two-minute procedure). Without it, Blacklist doesn’t run. I feel so vulnerable!

    Luckily, I have Blacklist installed on my school servers, successfully protecting hundreds of student blogs from daily spammings. Great product.

  2. I haven’t messed with MT really at all (other than helping a couple people drop it into place), but have you tried dropping Storable.pm into the same directory as the other MT scripts (possibly already in the library search path, otherwise could be added to @INC at the beginning of the scripts that need it)?

  3. If you’re using MovableType, you just click “View Activity Log” on the right side, and you’ll see something kinda like this:

    “MT-Blacklist comment denial on Blog.: [\w\-_.]*phentermine[\w\-_.]*.[a-z]+”

    It shows you the regular expression they matched, so in this case, they were trying to post a URL to a site about phentermine.
    I have no idea what that is, and I don’t want to know.

  4. See? It works! That last comment wasn’t spam, it was just Eddie being strange, so it didn’t get blocked! 🙂

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