Next Up: The Nutcracker

OK, this one’s going up with no delay. This video (Windows Media format) absolutely blew my mind. I mean, I know that robots will be doing many of our jobs in the next hundred years, but I never figured they’d be creeping in on one of Eddie’s passions.

At about 2:15 into the clip, I thought two of the robots were gonna get jiggy wit’ it. Or at least get down and feel alright.

I wonder if they can do The Robot.

The funny part is that the dance section they do after about 2:30 reminds me of the motions commonly seen by Stephanie and I through the window of a Japanese nursing home we used to live near in San Jose. Every time we drove by, we’d see about a dozen old Japanese people surrounding a large, rear-projection TV with a guy in a blue jumpsuit standing in front of a green hedge doing some kind of Tai Chi or something. All the old folks would follow his motions while staying in sync with each other. We saw it so often we came to expect it every time we drove by the place, and were greatly disappointed when they weren’t in there, slowing swishing their arms around through the air.

Now I can just have a robot do it! Sweet. Thank you, technology. Cuz you know, ain’t nobody gonna complain about dancing robots.

One thought on “Next Up: The Nutcracker

  1. i’m complaining. i was previously employed as a robot impersonating a japanese fan-dancer impersonator.

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