iTunes Song Up For Grabs

In the comments section of this entry, I’ve posted a code for a free iTunes song download that I just got off a Diet Pepsi bottle (yes, diet, because my metabolism shut off in college and I’m feelin’ the effects). You may use this code completely guilt-free on these conditions: you must leave a comment saying that you used it, what song you downloaded, and why or how you picked the song you downloaded. Maybe pick a song that has a bit of history with you that you don’t currently own? I don’t know. That’s the fun part besides the fact that you keep the song.

I suppose the only other conditions are that you have a copy of iTunes (which is free), and that no one else used the code before you did.

Good luck.

If people think this is fun, I may do it again sometime before April 30th.

5 thoughts on “iTunes Song Up For Grabs

  1. Thanks Josh

    I got “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” by the Spin Doctors. They were the first band I ever saw play at Summerfest.

  2. Oh well, I got that old one of yours. Flaming Lips song was bought with it as well, so it was a good purchase.

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