New Design and Designs on a New Design

Steph asked me to redesign her blog, and had some ideas of how it could be presented, so after a few weeks (months?) I finally did it. I hope you enjoy it, hon! It’s somewhat the same and somewhat different. Nothing too radical, but a few nice touches here and there.

I’ve got some aspirations for this site as well, now that her blog looks cooler than mine. Let me tell you something: that won’t last long! What I’ve got in mind for this blog is less a redesign and more a total and complete overhaul. It’ll still be based on Movable Type, but I’m going to really try to stretch myself on the new design. I’ve already gone through two that didn’t end up working out thanks to the piece of crap software that people generally refer to as Internet Explorer. And maybe a bit of creative blockage on my part. Maybe.

But that’s another issue.

Anyhow, enjoy Steph’s new blog, and if you’re using Internet Explorer, don’t.

One thought on “New Design and Designs on a New Design

  1. Amen, brother! IE SUXORZ!!! I love what you’ve helped me with on the site! THANK YOU!!!

    Oh, and now you better have a really freaking awesome website after the way you just talked yourself up! I like that one…you know…that one I told you I liked. Keep going with that one!

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