Heads-up Display

Gamers have this thing they know of as the “Heads-up Display” or HUD, for short. You may have spotted an HUD at some point, even if you’re frightened of games and gamers on the whole. It’s that little colorful graph up in the corner of the screen that would serve to answer the question “What’s up?” if you were able to verbalize that to a game in its secret binary language, and the game were able to understand you and answer graphically.

You know. It’s a map, or a compass, or a health meter, or a power meter, or a… whatever.

Well, the crazy fools over at Microvision just went and made one in the real world. To which my only answer is HOOK ME UP!!!

That’s an invention that will certainly go far. I guarantee it.

Optic nerve, you’re next! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Heads-up Display

  1. Wow, the world of sci-fi comes true. Though the second this thing becomes and implant *shakes head* goodbye world. It’s the whole trend of not being happy with what you’ve got. Oh well.

  2. I have a HUD in my car. Its nice, I know how fast I’m going without actually having to move my head. Boy we americans are lazy. Isn’t it great?

  3. I don’t care how safe they claim that baby is. I don’t want no lasers reflecting off of my retina!

    I agree with Neal. While I love technology, there is this inner luddite screaming to come out every now and then. I stifle her in a deep dark sanctum of my soul because I believe she could potentially ruin my marriage if she was released.

    Well, now that I sound crazy…I’ll be gone!

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