What a Wonderful Day

Yesterday was one of those days that really remind me of who I am and what my purpose in life is. I spent almost the entire day with friends, talking about God and life, and hanging out and doing “kingdom work” of some sort, whether it be direct or indirect. I don’t usually do “this is what I did today” entries, and in fact I avoid them, but this time I’ll make an exception because it was so great.

Obviously Steph and I started the day off in church, going to the Jr. High group’s service (which was Parent’s Day, for parents with kids in the group) and then to what most PBCCers call “big church”, which is the normal, whole-church worship service. After that, though, most of the JH leaders went over to la casa de Mark Bucko (the JH youth pastor) to have lunch and spend some time talking with each other, praying with each other, and sharing where our lives are at currently so we would know how to pray for each other. It was totally idyllic.

After that, Steph had Annie Hanneman and Camille Estrada (the two girls she has partnered with in leading her JH small group this year) over, and they worked on nice little parting gifts for the girls in her group. I did a Home Depot run when they ran out of paint primer. I listened to Beastie Boys’ Ill Communication and Hello Nasty on full volume in the car on the way there and back. That part wasn’t exactly kingdom work, but it was still good. (You’ll notice I’ve been digging those guys lately if you also notice that some of their lyrics have been added to the little taglines that randomize at the top of this site when you refresh your browser. That’s probably the highest compliment I can personally pay a lyric. 🙂

As the evening came on, Annie had to head out, but Camille and Steph stayed and kept working, and we all sat around the kitchen table. I was helping to design and compile a little booklet of memories from the year for the small group. We all just sat there and talked as we worked. The conversation wandered between topics, and it was a ton of fun. We discovered that Camille and I both love the video for I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness. You seriously must see it on iTunes. (Just click on “Video.”) Note that this was made in 2004, not 1984. It’s completely hilarious, and wholly 1980s-semi-satanic-freaky-outer-space-big-hair-retro, but done in such a way that you almost want to take it seriously. But then you don’t. So please do check it out, if only to hear the most ridiculous falsetto you’ve ever heard in your life. He really does that well.

While we were working, Dave Favela called up and asked about hanging out, and said he’d make us dinner. And how could we refuse such a thing? So the three of us headed over there and we all had some hilarious conversations and some serious conversations, and it was truly great. Steph and I got home after midnight and went to bed.

My entire day was just full to the brim with friends. We conversed, and hung out, and had a great time and got a few things done. Sometime during the evening, I made a rather revealing comment as far as my personality is concerned. I said something to the effect of, “Don’t you think that this is what heaven will be like? Just hanging out, worshipping God and being with the ones you love? What else would there be to do? You don’t have to work. You don’t have obligations. You just worship God and enjoy his creations.” To me, being with friends is exactly that. It’s just so great. The one important thing I always have to keep in mind is that friends and friendship are not the thing that I am pursuing, but a gift from the One I am pursuing.

Thank you, Lord, for those people. They’re so great. All of them.

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